Age & Sleeping

Update First: The first editor is working on Competitive Dreams with the ending now included.

I know fluctuating hormones can cause nightmares. I haven’t slept well in 2 weeks. I’m waking up a couple times a night because of bad dreams and night sweats. And one night, I kept waking up because of noises. I have also woken up talking in my sleep and Jason has confirmed I’ve sleep talked to him.

However, I decided at 1:21 am, when I woke up last night for yet another bad dream that I’d share a few of them. For the record, I have not watched any horror movies lately or read any of the usual horror books I break out in October because I’m already having bad dreams and I can’t imagine my usual stream of October delights would help.

  • The first night of bad dreams, seemed to be connected to my allergies. I usually dream I am drowning when my head is congested by allergies or a cold. That night though, I dreamed I was being smothered by someone with an unusual surname… So unusual, I suspected it must have been a movie or TV villain and Googled it to check and it turned out to be a real person, an artist that I can honestly say I’ve never heard of. That was around the middle of the month of September, so maybe I’ve been struggling with sleep for close to a month now that I think about it.
  • I was awakened one night because I dreamed someone sent me a huge box of electronics and things, I thought it was a mistake there was no note or anything, but my name was on the box in the ship to section. When I started going through the box in my dream I realized it was the materials to make a bomb and I awoke trying to figure out who would want to frame me for a bombing.
  • Last night, I woke up because I dreamed a friend of Jason and I took over running a prison and we were visiting him for some reason when some of the inmates suddenly became zombies and started attacking the staff. As we tried to escape, we learned zombies were caused by a prion disease and I became angry with the friend for feeding inmates infected meat and while I originally figured it was meat tainted by Mad Cow or Scrapie, he admitted he was feeding them dead inmates.
  • One night, I dreamed about volcanoes and I was trying to get Kelly and Lola away from the lava flow, but they were more interested in trying to chew on the hardening outer layer of the lava. Sadly, no Tommy Lee Jones or Pierce Brosnan showed up to help me escape the flowing lava.
  • I had yet another dream in which I decided to grow corn in my garden and I ended up feeding ergot contaminated corn to my family resulting in one of them going crazy and trying to kill everyone else. This dream sort of makes sense, as ergotism is plot point in a book I’ve been planning (for those who don’t know what ergot is, it’s a fungal parasite that infects cereals [rye, wheat, barley, corn, etc.] and it’s the primary component in the creation of LSD. Ergot poisoning has caused mass hysteria, mass hallucinations, it’s been blamed for a dancing plague that happened in Strasbourg, Germany in the 16th century as well as murders, suicides, and a plethora of other horrible stuff).
  • And of course, I’ve had dreams about the plot of Competitive Dreams where serial killers are competing for victims and prizes – it was oddly carnivalesque where the killers were competing for things like Kewpie dolls and giant stuffed animals and not a cash prize like they did in the book, but it was still not a great dream. In it, I was running a stall that exchanged victim trophies for tickets that could be taken to another booth and the tickets turned in for the prizes.

Of course, this is all made worse by the fact that I am a vivid dreamer. Even a normal or only slightly weird dream can turn bad because of the vivid dreaming component. Vivid dreaming means the senses work in the dream, I smell, taste, and feel in my dreams which is problematic especially when cut off human parts are being given to me like the last dream I described, because decaying flesh has a unique odor and I smell it in my dreams.

Friday I’m going to talk to the doctor about it, because while there was an allergy component to one night of dreams (smothering isn’t much different than drowning), I’m sure hormones account for the majority of the others and I am getting older. I know from health classes and things, many women experience nightmares and night terrors as they age out of their fertility years and this is what I suspect is happening to me. I think this is why I’ve been sleeping lighter as well and hence awakened by noises in the house.

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