The First Reality Novel

The first Reality novel is almost done.  It currently has three novellas in it.  The first and probably the one everyone is looking forward to the most is the story of Eric Clachan.  It’s told from his perspective and tells of the logic to lead him up to the top of a building to start picking off inmates.

The second will be a shooter that Malachi and the VCU caught.  More details to come.

The third will be a killer (another shooter) that was mentioned during their time in the Fortress.

However, I’m having trouble coming up with a name. So, I’m opening it to suggestions.  Think hard, there’s a prize for whoever’s title I use.

One rule, it needs to involve the word “Reality”.

Ebook Sale, Regular Sale, & Elysium Dreams

Mercurial Dreams will remain $0.99 until 26 August 2016.  Get it while it’s cheap!

My Etsy store sale will continue for quite a bit longer.  I’d like to empty my current inventory.  A “Tips” section has been added for everyone that feels they don’t already give me enough money.  You will have the ability to download 2 unpublished short stories in PDF format if you want to tip me.  Do not feel obligated to do this!!!

I’m 6 reviews away from 100 on Amazon for Elysium Dreams.  So, if you have read it and want to take a few moments to go write a review, that would be excellent.

My Mom is a Hot Taco

My mother had this really great idea a few months ago, which I supported, because I loved mine and thought it was a great idea too.  She bought a futon.

Now, I loved loved loved my futon.  I hate innerspring mattresses and my futon kept my hips from hurting when I slept (I have arthritis in them, it’s not bad, but it’s annoying when I sleep sometimes).  She has fibromyalgia and the smallest bedroom, so I was laboring under the belief that she would also love a futon and she could set it up to watch TV.

We bought the futon.  Then we bought the thicker futon mattress.  Then we added memory foam.  Then she added an air mattress.  It turns out she does not find the futon as comfortable as I did.  I think it needs a better mattress, but that’s just me.  Until then, she has to use a small step ladder to climb onto her futon and it can’t be set up.

However, last night, took the cake.  She came into the living around midnight to complain that she wasn’t asleep yet.  The air mattress didn’t have enough air in it, so the edges were folding up around her and it was making her hot.  I love my mom, but that image was funny as hell.  I pictured her folded in the middle of her air mattress, sides cradling her on either side, her head sticking out one end, feet out the other and sweating… Meaning, I actually pictured my mother as a taco.  I giggled aloud, which means I’m probably going to Hell, I don’t remember if there was a circle specifically for people who laughed at their parents, but there probably is, but I’ll deal with that in the afterlife.  It still made me laugh out loud.

When You Post…

When you post stuff on social media, it is there for the world to read.  More importantly, it is there for the world to comment upon.  Amongst my groups of friends, comments are usually supportive.  However, once in a while, someone loses their shit and things get ugly.  I have three examples from this week that I’m going to share:

  1. Person A commented that they had spent over $5,000 just in July on alcohol and it was more than they made in the month of July, so they might have a drinking problem.  Person B responded with “if you feel it’s a problem, there are ways to get help.”  Person A lost their shit and went nuts accusing Person B of calling them an alcoholic and worthless.  That Person A didn’t have a drinking problem and only drove drunk a few times a month (which invited more comments, by the way).  Person A ended up unfriending about 20 people over it.  Person B shrugged their shoulders and still isn’t entirely sure what went wrong.  – I am friends with Person B, Person A is an acquaintance.
  2. Person C posted about how much they hated their job.  Person D said “if you’re unhappy, find a new one, I’ll even help.”  We all know Person C has hated their job for a while now and it’s starting to make them physically ill.  Person C freaked out claiming that Person D was trying to sabotage their job and they could get fired for such a comment and why would Person D do that to them.  Person D was temporarily unfriended, but did not accept the renewed friendship request a few days later… – Friends with both (until they read this post probably)
  3. Person F posted a photo and commented about how much they hated their body and couldn’t gain any weight.  Person G suggested there might be something wrong, like hyperthyroidism and if they were really unhappy, maybe they should see a doctor because Person F really puts away the food… I’ve seen them eat and they can clean out a buffet.  Person F accused Person G of body shaming Person F and jealousy because Person F was obviously much healthier than Person G since they can eat whatever they want in whatever quantities they want and not gain a single pound, while Person G is about 15 pounds overweight (yep, a whole 15 pounds…).  – Friends with both?

I’m not entirely sure what Persons A, C, and F were expecting when they posted, but it appears they all lost their damn minds when people did comment on them.  I read the posts from beginning to end in all three cases and nothing negative was actually said.  I didn’t comment on Person A or C because I had nothing nice to say.  I considered responding to Person F until they flipped the fuck out on Person G, just to offer suggestions that might help them (tapeworm was the first thing that came to my mind – Now I will await that private message from them about what an asshat I am).

Here’s the thing, if you put something out on social media, people are going to comment.  Most will be positive, some won’t, either way, you instigated it by putting up the post.  I’ve pissed off a few readers by blogging about controversial subjects that they had strong opinions on… It happens, but I certainly didn’t bring out the Crazy Cocktail and chug it before responding.  I thought about their feelings and tried to respond in a more diplomatic manner, because I may kill people in books, but in the real world, I hate hurting other people (no, I’m not a pacifist, I just think we are all human and therefore, we should treat each other as such).  As a result, none of them downed a Crazy Cocktail and told me I was an asshat.  But these are different, because in these cases, nothing negative was actually said by the commenter who had Crazy dumped all over them.

Just a friendly service reminder to think before you post, comment, or react to a comment.  Most of us are just trying to help when we add something in the comment section (unless it’s on YouTube for some reason).  My rule of thumb, if someone is an asshat – truly an asshat, not just a remark that really isn’t meant to be mean – in the comments, I just delete the comment.  They can be an asshat, but it’s my social media page and I don’t allow for asshatiness to exist there.

Why TV Irritates Me

I often find the TV to be irritating, which is why I don’t watch a ton of it.  The biggest problem is that the shows I love end up cancelled pretty quickly.  (PS: Not a Firefly fan, sorry)  Or they change the cast so much that the show is just unrecognizable.  I’ve got a list of examples:

  • Whitechapel – WTF?!?  The end of season 4 wasn’t an ending, it was barely the beginning, but alas, it’s gone.  I highly recommend it, but be prepared for some disappointment with it going away.
  • Rosemary & Thyme – Another oldie but goodie for those that like murder mysteries and British TV.  The end of season 3 was very abrupt.  It was obviously meant to have a season 4, but it just didn’t happen.
  • Sherlock – I get that season 3 is only possibly the end, but I haven’t watched it yet, just in case.  Cumberbatch is a great Sherlock and I love Martin Freeman.  I have heard rumors of a season 4, but I’ll wait until it’s confirmed by someone in the know (as of this writing, I hadn’t found that confirmation).
  • The Dresden Files – Season 1 was awesome.  Sadly, there is only one season.  What made it more incredible is that I’m not a fan of the books.  I’m trying to listen to them on audiobook, but I hated reading Storm Front.  Paul Blackthorne was a great Dresden and I still hear his voice in my head regardless of who narrates the audiobook (although, I think he should be hired and paid a princely sum to do it).
  • The Unexplained Files – I didn’t mind Bruce Greenwood’s narration of the show and most of the episodes I found at least one thing interesting.  I’m tired of people with GoPro cameras trained on their faces looking for cryptids.  The only way we would ever see them is if they got eaten.  And they don’t explore the other paranormal activity that goes on around us.
  • Monsters & Mysteries in America – See above regarding Unexplained Files… same principle.
  • Witches of East End – I love Julia Ormond and found the series as it got cancelled… So I have yet to watch season 2, because I know it’s the last.  It was well worth the time, energy, and effort.  It had promise.  It had some originality.  The book was good too.
  • Death in Paradise – So, to be fair, this is a “me” problem.  I loved Richard Poole and was devastated by episode 1 of season 3.  I am trying to like Humphrey (he was in Love Actually after all and it was an excellent film), but it’s hard.
  • Midsomer Murders – I did watch 17 seasons of this show and I loved most of them.  However, when Tom retired, I just couldn’t connect with John… After a season or two of John, I gave up.
  • Sleepy Hollow – What the hell happened on this show?!?  I was loving it, then it was like I missed some very important episodes and got very lost before the beginning of this season.  So I went to Amazon, bought the episodes I thought I had missed and found I hadn’t.  Meaning I have no idea where I got lost or how, but this season was too confusing for me… I made it through 2 episodes.
  • Criminal Minds – With the firing of Thomas Gibson and the departure of Shemar Moore, I have serious concerns about the upcoming season.  I do love the girl that plays Prentiss and I’m glad to hear she is coming back.  I also adore Aisha Tyler and the rest of the cast, so I’m not giving up on it entirely.

More Aislinn Cain & the SCTU to Come

Even though I’m a little behind schedule with Innocent Dreams (it should have gone to the editor no later than 8/14), I assure you, there are plenty more Dreams & Reality books to come.

There has always been an open-endedness to Gabriel’s wendigo.  I have let the readers use their imagination on who or what it really was.  Eventually, that will have to end and the story will have to come out.  I have the plot.  I even have most of it thought out.  It just isn’t written yet.

There is a new super villain.  Ace & the SCTU do not know his identity, but if you’ve read Fortified Dreams, you do.  He will have to be caught.  I can’t leave that in limbo.

The series lacks a “cultural killer” and that deficit needs to be corrected and will be, with Ritual Dreams.  

I promise, the Apex storyline is going somewhere as is Aislinn’s mother (does anyone know her name?!?).

The Reality books will no longer focus on Malachi… He just doesn’t work as a main character.  However, I’ve had a new idea for them and they are about to come into existence, giving a different perspective as well as introducing some of those serial killers readers only have a few lines about in other books.

Plus so many more things that I can’t talk about yet.  We are looking at a dozen or more books in the series left to write and that’s just the ones in my head.  I will have new thoughts by the time I get these written.

It’s why I bought the computer I bought.  Computer issues have now delayed the release of 7 books (not all D&R books) in recent years.  So, when I ordered my customized Dell, I made sure that I bought one that would not be obsolete in a few years and it has a great warranty with next day repairs.  I love to write and I needed something that I could put all my books on and work without worry that I’ll have another 2 week delay (or longer).  Because I want to get everything out to the readers as fast as I possibly can so I can write more of them.

Paperback Sale

In honor of my birthday, all my paperbacks are on sale in my Etsy shop.  Feel free to grab a couple.  I will warn that international shipping is incredibly expensive and I’m really really really really sorry about that.  The postal service no longer lets me ship media mail internationally, which makes me very sad.  :-(

Paperbacks can be found here: Etsy!

Venting About My Back Because He’s Partially To Blame…

Unless you want to listen to a rant, feel free to skip this post.

August 16, 2015, I twisted while picking something up and did something to my back.  It hurt like hell.  I went to the doctor and it was diagnoses as a lower back strain with nerve inflammation.  They were only half right (but we’ll get to that).  I was given a list of instructions to follow:

  • No stooping, no bending, no squatting, no kneeling
  • No lifting anything over 5 pounds
  • Only light household chores (like dusting)
  • Laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and cooking were in fact mentioned as “forbidden” activities.
  • For no less than 2 weeks, preferably 4 weeks

However, laundry and dishes don’t do themselves.  Vacuuming and dusting can in fact wait a few weeks.  Cooking – well it is a necessity.

Granted, I have a man that lives with me.  Yet, by the middle of week one, I was already back to doing laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.  And heaven forbid an injury interfere with his weekend plans, so I was going to the campground, lugging groceries and clothes, helping with stuff he wanted me to do, etc.

It is not my sciatic nerve… It’s a disk and vertebrae problem.  One that has been getting worse over the last year because every successive time I have hurt my back, my SO has picked up the slack for only a few days and I’ve had to take over after that.  Which means back to laundry and cooking and doing everything I was told not to do for at least 2 weeks.

He acts like I’m faking it.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t enjoy doing the things I used to do, like playing darts, I can’t possibly hurt as bad as I say I do.  Or at least, that’s the impression he gives.

Now, I have a small vertebrae fracture in my lower back; it’s 1.1cm long.  It is indicative of a larger problem; either an herniated, bulging, or ruptured disk in my spine.  It’s serious enough that my health insurance took only 15 minutes to approve an MRI (it took nearly 2 months for my neurologist to get approval for a CT contrast scan), bone density scan, and a full body bone scan (looking for other anomalies).  I’m experiencing weakness in both legs; more in the right than the left.  I didn’t know I was experiencing it until he had me do the push/pull thing with my feet and legs.

I got some new instructions:

  • No standing or walking for more than five minutes at a time.
  • No lifting anything over two pounds.
  • No stooping, bending, kneeling, or squatting.
  • No taking Lola the Destroyer out on a leash.
  • No carrying things very far even if it is under 2 pounds.
  • No household chores, not even light chores like dusting.
  • Watch for things that increase the pain.

He’s all pissed off about it.  We are supposed to go to the campground this weekend and start forming a concrete patio.  I can’t help.  I can’t even help with Lola the Destroyer if I go.  Nor will I be able to cook dinner or clean up after it.  I know if I go, I will end up doing exactly what the doctor said not to do, because my SO will have a meltdown about my lack of assistance.  Tonight, I explained everything and told him I didn’t think I was going to go this weekend.  Now, he won’t hardly talk to me.

Which has me incredibly pissed off because part of this is his fault.  If he had picked up the slack and done the laundry for four weeks, cooked the meals, helped with dishes, allowed me to actually rest, I might not be in the shape I’m in.  Instead, I’m facing the possibility of spinal surgery.

He’s mad at me for something he partially caused and I’m being treated like an asshole because I hurt my back and it didn’t heal because I wasn’t able to follow a few weeks of simple doctor’s orders.


When an Asus Decides to Die…

My last Asus laptop died slowly.  First one thing went, then another, and another, until that moment I realized I was on the brink of disaster.  I didn’t know that an Asus began to slowly die instead of going out in a burst of flames or a Blue Screen of Death, but I do now.

A week or so ago, the battery went kaputt.  Within 24 hours, my USB 3.0 port also died.  Wednesday, I went to open a program and it told me it couldn’t do it, because the program had become corrupted.  I reinstalled it.  Waited a few minutes, opened it, closed it, and when I went to open it again, it told me it had become corrupted.  I scanned my machine for malware, found none.  Tried a different program (this time a game), it worked for about an hour and then it shut down unexpectedly and when I went to open it, I got that error message telling me that it couldn’t open because the files were missing.

I spent a great deal of Thursday night backing up my entire digital life; emails, story files, photos, and anything else of importance.

Saturday evening, I opened Chrome to order pizza and Chrome crashed.  Then it crashed the machine and the machine randomly rebooted itself.  Needless to say, I used my phone to order pizza.

Then last night happened… I opened WriteItNow – the software I use to write everything from short story collections to Dreams novels.  I got two sentences written when a critical error occurred and my machine once again randomly rebooted itself.  If stress affects sciatic inflammation, this damn machine might be the source of some of the problem.  Thankfully, I only lost two sentences and the file didn’t become corrupted.

So, what’s a writer to do when their machine becomes their enemy?  Mostly, I decided to play video games tonight.  If it’s going to corrupt something, I prefer it corrupt those than my novel files or my writing software.  However, the new laptop won’t arrive for at least 14 days.  I’m now a full month behind my writing schedule because of stupid unhealed injuries and computer problems.  Once the laptop arrives, I will spend a few days trying to sort it out – installing important software, putting files back on it, etc.

And as I wrote this post, the network card freaked the fuck out and disconnected me from my home network because it decided… well, I don’t know what it decided.  I just know that I had internet on everything but my laptop.  I had to hook up my hotspot from my phone to get this completed.  For the record, it says I’m connected, but that the network is not reachable… as I stream from Amazon on the same network to my Blu-Ray player without so much as a glitch in the video.   I also had to plug my phone into the computer to get it to accept the connection.

Oh Asus how you irritate me… So, I’m going back to a Dell, that I purchased from their webstore with a great warranty.  I will provide an update on when books will release as soon as I have a better understanding of when and how my writing capabilities are going to go…


Not Trying To Ignore Anyone

So, I was accused of ignoring people this week.  I think I should explain, but I’m actually not trying to.  For about 11 months, I’ve been having trouble with pain in my legs.  It has been getting steadily worse as the months have progressed.  A few weeks ago, I came home from darts in so much pain that I sat on the couch and cried.  It was 4 a.m. before I got it under control enough to fall asleep and then I only slept about 3 hours.

I made a doctor’s appointment and last Friday, I went.  My doctor and I talked and with some help of a timeline, we thought the pain in my legs was most likely due to incomplete healing.  August 16, 2015 I reached for something and then couldn’t stand up.  I’ve had an injury to a nerve in my back that has bothered me for years.  It started when I was a kid and sometime in my twenties I tweaked it really bad and I’ve had problems with that nerve “catching” every so often, like it did that day.  I tried to follow doctor’s orders and rest, but there were still chores to be done like laundry, dishes, and vacuuming.  Not to mention the need to write books.  So, while I did rest, I probably didn’t rest as I should have and that meant my back didn’t heal completely.  It’s actually a sound theory.  Nerves in my lower back could indeed be causing the pain I feel in my lower legs.  My doctor set about getting me an appointment with an orthopedist that specialized in back stuff.

That following Saturday, I attended my nephew & niece’s wedding shower.  In theory, I could rest during it.  We brought camping chairs.  Unfortunately, we didn’t bring the right camping chairs.  Between sitting in those, sitting at a picnic table, and standing alternately as needed for six hours, I came home in a whole new level of pain.  Sunday night, I rolled over in bed and felt pain shoot down my legs from my back.  However, when I woke up Monday, I was sore, but not unbearably so.

Enter Jude the Great Nephew!  Monday my mother watched Jude for a few hours in the morning.  At one point, I reached into the bassinet to pick him up and that same pain shot from my lower back and down both legs.  And now I could feel the source of the pain, not just where it ended.  My lower spine became sore, it actually felt like I had busted my tailbone on concrete.  The area just above the coccyx was even more tender to the touch for the length of about three inches.  And there was a line of pain that went from my spine, across my lower back, into my hips and then down my legs.

I went to the ER because I couldn’t hardly move anything from my lower back down.  Even shuffling my feet hurt.  There I meet the only doctor I have ever sworn at.  He came in, grabbed my leg and hoisted it into the air as far as it would go.  He gave me no warning that he was going to do it and after I screamed, I asked what the hell his problem was.  He didn’t really answer, he just grabbed my other leg and did the same thing.  It also hurt and I found myself in more pain than when I had shambled into the place.  That was the extent of his testing and questions.  I even told him I had a tingly sensation in my legs and he just responded with you have a lower back strain, see an orthopedist.  He ordered a Toradol shot and gave me a prescription for Tramadol.  He might as well have given me a glass of water and a diet pill.  The Toradol did not alleviate any of the pain.  The Tramadol is a joke.  I take two pills every four hours and then I try to sit as still as possible because they just barely take the edge off.  My pain drops from a 9 to a 7 1/2 or 8 after taking both pills.  And they seem to have no cumulative effect.  Taking them all day does not make them work better in the evening.  And for some reason, they fuck with my ability to sleep.  So, not only am I having issues sleeping because of the pain, but the medicine that is supposed to alleviate the pain gives me insomnia.  It’s the only narcotic that does that to me.  It is also giving me terrible headaches.  However, I can’t seem to get anything else prescribed for the pain, so I’m suffering with the Tramadol and struggling with the side effects and lack of effects.

The blog posts that have been going up have all been sitting in my drafts pile, waiting for a rainy day to be brought out and used.  I’m trying to respond to everything, but even typing hurts my back and the more my back hurts, the more my legs hurt.

I’m trying to keep up with everyone and everything, but I admit, I’m falling down on the job this week.  I have an appointment with a specialist on Tuesday.  I’m hoping he can do something for me.  Until then, please forgive me if I go silent for long periods of time.  I’m struggling to maintain normalcy, but I feel like I’m losing the battle.

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