The Tornado Phone Tree

If you don’t live anywhere that experiences serious and massive tornadoes, it’s hard to understand what happens when those sirens go off. Missouri is considered an Eastern Plains state. This means we get tornadoes like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, not like the East Coast of the US or the UK where the strongest tornado on record is an EF3 (I believe). Missouri doesn’t have as many EF4s and 5s as the other three states listed, but we get more than enough for me. When the tornado siren goes off, you immediately turn on the news. And then the phone starts to ring and you realize the Tornado Phone Tree has been activated….

Our house is a split level. Three sides of the first floor are completely buried, the fourth side holds the garage doors and front door, about a quarter of it is buried. Our living room is in the basement. Despite not living in city limits we live in a subdivision and there is a tornado siren in it. However, it was our phones that gave the first alert to the tornado on Wednesday night. The Weather Channel sent out an alert, the Boone County Office of Emergency Management sent out a text alert, and the local news app on my phone sent an alert.

Two adults were upstairs with the dogs and one was already in the basement when the alert went out. As we got the dogs downstairs, the siren in the neighborhood went off. It works well. Within seconds of the siren going off, the first phone call came in, to make sure we knew there was a tornado warning. I pulled up the local news channel on my laptop. Because a lot of times these are doppler indicated tornadoes that don’t form funnel clouds that come to the ground.

Maybe five minutes elapsed between the sirens going off and confirmation that there was a tornado on the ground moving at 45 miles an hour to the Northeast… Headed directly for us. Cue drugging the dogs, which I had grabbed from upstairs before coming down. Kelly is terrified of wind, I can’t imagine what she will be like in the event of a tornado coming close to us. And Lola, like a lot of dogs hates thunder. To settle their nerves and ours, we gave each of them a pill before the confirmed tornado got close to us.

By then, we’d gotten 10 phone calls from people checking on us. I’m not complaining, it just made me think about the fact that there is indeed an unwritten rule about tornado phone trees. You don’t have to plan them, they just spontaneously happen when tornadoes happen. As it was, the tornado went 6 miles north of us. We got some wind and a some heavy rain, but nothing more. And once we’d been given the all clear, the phone calls asking if we were okay began.

Oddly, my father lives about 30 miles due east of us. He called to make sure we were okay at which point I asked if they were prepared because it was headed their way. And 40 minutes after his call to me, I called him. The news reported some wind damage where he lived, but the tornado which had stayed on the ground had missed his town going slightly north. But I had to call and check on him all the same. He told me him and his pooch Bella were going to spend the night in the basement, which probably isn’t a terrible idea. Tomorrow, the news will have video and photos of storm damage. But for tonight, the phone tree has gone silent, maybe… They just issued a tornado warning for a southern county where we have friends, so it may have to activate again.



Starting Thursday night, we’re heading to the campground for the long weekend. I’m packing up my computer equipment and taking it so that while J is working, I can work. Someone commented to me recently that it was weird that I took my computer equipment on vacation with me. I admit, it does strike some as odd. Although I do enjoy video games, I also really love what I do to make money.

What most people don’t realize is that no matter where we go or what we do, I can nearly always find at least a few hours to spend working. Granted some days, my job is a lot of work and like most people, I don’t want to do it. I’d rather spend the day playing video games. But most of the time, I LOVE to work.

There aren’t a lot of jobs where the main goal every day is to tell yourself stories. Basically, I day dream, but those into words, and then people buy the books, thereby giving me money for them and allowing me the time and ability to continue to day dream, put those into words, and offer those for sale.

The down side of this is that I tend to be a workaholic. I would rather work than watch TV, eat meals, or spend a day at the beach. People who don’t understand say things like “I could never work from home, I wouldn’t get anything done.” Working from home does take discipline. And there are days that discipline is lacking. For example, I spent all day Monday playing video games and only worked for about an hour total. But those days are the exception not the rule. It’s easy for me to work from home. What’s hard is convincing me to do laundry even though I work from home.

And nice days, when I can take my laptop outside to work are the days I love most. On these days, the dogs and I pack up our stuff and head outdoors. They hand out in the yard doing their own thing (only occasionally coming to me for a quick petting) and I sit at the outdoor table, laptop open and in front of me, and fingers clicking away on the keys. My brain works better when I’m outdoors too, so I have to set timers on my phone to remind me to stand up and stretch or walk around for a minute or two, because if I get sucked into my writing, I will sit without moving for hours.

So, it makes sense to take my laptop to the campground, especially when J is also working up there. I can set up on my front patio there (if it’s not storming) or in the shelter house, and work. I prefer my patio because I feel like when I camp out in the shelter house with my laptop, I’m in the way of everyone else up there. But our awning is just one of those coated vinyl things and storms could mean several hundred dollars would need to be spent to replace it.

While I do have a comfortable chair on the patio at my house, there are times I wish I could roll my executive office chair out here to work because it’s more comfortable, but lugging a back pack, already seems like enough furniture moving to work outside. Wednesday was one of those days, which is why I mentioned it. My tailbone has been bothering me as of late, not bad, just a persistent ache most likely related to the discs going bad in my lumbar spine (one bulges and one is degenerating) and my outdoor chair isn’t as comfortable as my executive chair, for starters it doesn’t have the lumbar support and pillows just don’t do it for me.

So outdoors we head for a weekend of rain, sun shine, and working outdoors.

Ohio’s John Becker

Ohio representative John Becker needs a reality check. He has introduced a bill in Ohio to limit access to certain types of birth control. Specifically, birth control that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. He’s decided this is a form of abortion.

This concerns me, because I live in a state that tends to be conservative and I could see some of our lawmakers introducing similar bills. So what forms of birth control prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall? Well, all IUDs, some birth control pills, and Depo Provera could fall into this category, since Depo Prevents the uterus from building a lining for the egg to implant in. Also, the emergency contraceptive Plan B would be less available.

Apparently, some would like to wage a war on all reproductive rights of women. As a married woman who can only use Depo Provera and who is in a relationship where neither party wants children, is it realistic for my husband and I to be abstinent, since the only form of birth control available for me prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in my uterus?

Why should John Becker (who is not a medical doctor) get to decide what access to birth control women can have based on his personal beliefs? For that matter, why should any person be allowed to make that decision based on their own personal beliefs which bias them towards a certain opinion. I have a feeling the bill will fail, but it’s not a matter of whether it passes or fails. Why is this even acceptable?!

We can forget the idea of freedom of this point, as obviously the religious beliefs of our legislators determine what we can and cannot do. And increasingly, our legislators are very religious. The irony is that many of these “religious conservatives” don’t practice what they preach. As last year’s scandal with the governor of Missouri shows; he was very conservative and all about family values, while carrying on an extra-marital affair, which is certainly not a conservative or family value.

I have never felt more like property than I have in 2019. Despite my status as an adult, I can’t be trusted to make decisions for myself about my health or the well being of my family. Options must be excluded for me by the government because I don’t know any better and can’t be trusted to act responsibly. And it’s going to get worse I have a feeling.

We should just call this what it is, we have entered a period of Christian Shariah. No more finger pointing at the restrictive laws governing Muslim women as obviously all women in the US (whether Christian or not) should be subject to the same sort of governing by legislators that know what’s best for us stupid, ridiculous women.

Publication & Pre-Order Dates

So, I’m nailing down some publication dates for the year. And some pre-order start dates as well. Here’s the list for 2019.

Goddess Investigations: Paranormal Thriller by Nadine Daniels Release Date: July 26, 2019. Pre-orders will begin in June.

Avenging Reality: Book 2 of the companion books to the Dreams novels. Serial killer thriller/horror. This book has a central theme of revenge and avenging wrongs. Release Date October 31, 2019. Pre-Orders will begin in September.

Anonymous Dreams: Book 15 in the D&R series. Pits the SCTU against cyber criminals distributing snuff films. Release Date December 13, 2019. Pre-orders will begin around Halloween. This is Friday the 13th.

*Nephilim Narrative Book 2: September 27, 2019. Pre-orders will probably start in mid-August

The Dysfunctional Expansion: November 28, 2019 Pre-orders will begin in October – in the US this date is Thanksgiving.

*since neither Nephilim Narrative 2 or The Dysfunctional Expansion is complete, it is possible these dates may change a bit between now and then. However, I work pretty well with deadlines in place, so maybe not.

Men Should Also Be Responsible

I read a tweet this morning that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to pregnancy and abortion. The tweet was by Brad Betts @870south:

If a woman has sex with 100 random men in a year, she can still only produce one full term pregnancy. If a guy has sex with 100 random women in a year, he can produce 100 full term pregnancies. So why exactly are we only talking about regulating women?

Like most women, I grew up being taught that I was responsible for any kids and pregnancies that might arise in my life. Due to medical conditions, I’ve been on birth control since I was 12. Along with all it’s horrible side effects. The Real Malachi is 5 years older than I am. When I was in my late teens, he got his diagnosis of ASPD with psychopathic tendencies. He’s considered high functioning. And shortly after that diagnosis, he realized kids were not in his future. By the time he was 25, he’d convinced a doctor to do a vasectomy on him.

Here’s one of the huge differences in our society. Malachi walked into a doctor’s office, told them he didn’t want kids, and got a vasectomy at 25. At 22, I walked into my gynecologist’s office and told him, I didn’t want kids, we should tie my tubes. And was told no. Even though I’d been seeing this doctor for 10 years at that point, he wouldn’t tie my tubes, because I might change my mind and want kids later. Fast forward a few years and it’s decided that pregnancy puts me at high risk for death. So I again talked to my gynecologist. I was 25, pregnancy could kill me, why risk it? He still refused to tie my tubes. I got a second opinion from a female gynecologist that one of my friend’s raved about and she also told me she wouldn’t do it. I was too young to make that kind of decision, I might want kids in the future, I pointed out I’d been told not to have them and she responded with “medicine is always evolving, what we can’t treat today we might be able to treat by the time you want kids.”

Despite having the same doctor since I was a teen, a doctor who had been repeatedly told I didn’t want children. I couldn’t get a tubal ligation. Even after it was discovered that I had a blood disorder and pregnancy would probably cause a clot to form and kill me, I couldn’t get a tubal ligation. And I consulted four different gynecologists, got a note from my primary about the blood disorder, and got a note from my psychiatrist all stating that kids were NOT in my future. I as a 20-something female could not get a tubal ligation, nor could I get my uterus burned, another “permanent” form of birth control.

And I had side effects to the birth control pill and depo provera. The first time I took depo provera I was 19. I was 125 pounds when I got my first injection. When I went back for the second injection (3 months later) I was 190 pounds. I was told I couldn’t get the second injection, because extreme weight gain like I had experienced was an indicator of a problem with the medication. With the pill, my PMS was extreme. I’d lay around in bed for days unable to get up because the hormone migraine was so bad. And it would trigger other types of migraines. After being hospitalized for a migraine for the 4th time, my primary finally had a talk with my gynecologist because it had been triggered by a hormone migraine and they couldn’t get rid of it. I’d had that migraine over a month before I was hospitalized for it. It was decided that I didn’t require menstruation very often and I was moved to one of the newer 3 month at a time pills (it was the early 2000s and they were new at the time). After I was hospitalized a 5th time, again triggered by a hormone migraine, the way I took those pills was altered. I’d take 6 months of them before being off for a week.

This is why I get so angry about abortion bans. I have done everything in my power to prevent pregnancy since I was 12. I have taken the horrible drugs, I’ve suffered migraines from hell, I got fat because of them and haven’t been able to lose it again – especially the last 6 years since I’m once again on Depo Provera because birth control pills stopped working for me entirely. I have begged doctors to sterilize me and none would because as a woman “I might change my mind and want kids later.” I’ve been responsible about this. It seems like if the worst should happen and I become immune to the effects of Depo Provera or I have to go off it for whatever reason, I should have options. And CRPS prevents me from being sterilized now. J is afraid of needles and won’t get a vasectomy. So, even though neither of us want kids, it is still solely my responsibility to not get pregnant.

Furthermore, vasectomies and condoms are the only forms of male birth control available, because the side effects of hormone related birth control have been deemed too intense for men. But female birth control that causes migraines that require hospitalization and make you gain 65 pounds in under 3 months aren’t extreme side effects? Also for the record, Depo Provera is my last option. I can’t use an IUD because they have metal on them. Norplant the one they put in the arm also has metal on it. And I’ve become immune to birth control pills… So if Depo Provera ever stops working, I am out of birth control options. Furthermore, I know 2 women who are allergic to the artificial progesterone in hormone based birth control.

Considering men are just as necessary for pregnancy as women and male birth control doesn’t have any more extreme side effects than that of women’s hormone based birth control, it’s time to start holding men to the same standards as women when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Because as that Tweet illustrates, a man can have a lot more than one full term pregnancy in a year.

As a PS: I knew a guy in high school who didn’t like wearing condoms. He complained it didn’t feel right. When his girlfriend informed him they had to use condoms because she was allergic to hormone based birth control, he told her it was fine, if they got pregnant she could just have an abortion. They broke up over his stupidity and he told anyone that would listen what a bitch she was because she demanded he use a condom.

CBD, Meditation, Epidurals, Nerve Blocks, Steroids, etc

I’ve mentioned before that the alternative treatments for my CRPS have failed to work for me, which is why I continue to pop pain pills a couple times a day. Some of them just didn’t work for me and some of them aren’t options because of my body. I decided it was time to make a list and explain why my case is considered “exceptionally difficult” and why my current pain management doctor has decided that continuing to try them is torture and not worth it.

We’ll start with the two that just aren’t options. Some patients with complex regional pain syndrome have benefited from pain pumps and spinal stimulators. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to metal this includes titanium and surgical steel as well as nickel free metals. And oddly, hematite if it’s been magnetized. Since both the pain pump and the spinal stimulator have metal pieces that get inserted into the body, it’s been deemed a non-option for me. No one wants to risk anaphylaxis, including me. Or worse, it could do what my ears have done every time I’ve pierced them. I did better with titanium stud earrings than anything else, but I still had issues. It doesn’t begin with itchy ears, it starts with drainage. Two weeks after piercing my ears with titanium studs, the holes began to leak pus. When I took the studs out, I could push on my earlobe and get more pus out of them. It was bad enough that I had a doctor look at them to ensure they weren’t infected. We tried antibiotics (oral and topical) and they didn’t clear it up. Somehow, even though the studs only stayed 2 weeks, the holes have remained. I wore earrings at my wedding that were nickel free steel. I took them out after a couple of hours because I noticed my ears were starting to weep. So those two aren’t viable options.

Nerve blocks: To administer a nerve block to CRPS you have to find the nerve ganglion (group) most affected. You can’t just put a nerve block into the area where you experience pain, although I’ve tried it that way too. When you put the nerve block directly into my hip or hand where I experience pain, it increases my pain for days, but it doesn’t “go numb.” Over the summer we targeted a ganglion in my back, that was actually near my right kidney. My doctor had to stick the needle in my back and move it around until he found it. He knew he’d found it, when my toes curled and I stopped being able to breathe. I experienced a pain flare as a result of it and again it never went numb like it was supposed to. My doctor decided a second one would just be cruel and inhuman since I got zero relief from it.

Epidurals: I had more luck with the epidural than the nerve blocks. We did a lower lumbar epidural. My lower body went mostly numb and my pain decreased. I got out of the epidural room at 4:30 pm. At 8 pm, I took a pain pill because it was already wearing off. When we did the follow up, he told me I should have gotten at least 12 hours of relief and closer to 48 based on the amount of medication he’d given me. We discussed tripling the dose and trying again, but he talked himself out of it deciding the risk outweighed the possibility of relief. For the same reason we decided not to do a second one with the same dose because we were risking spreading the disease by shoving needles in my spine for a mere 3 1/2 hours of relief.

Steroids: We’ve done steroid injections directly into the hip and a nerve ganglion in my back and all it’s done is cause a pain flare. And sticking needles in the body can spread CRPS so, again it was decided the risk outweighed any potential rewards. Oral steroids are also a problem. They keep me awake, even the mild ones like Depo Medrol disrupt my sleep and not getting enough sleep causes me to start the day at a slightly higher pain level than if I get enough, so again the complications aren’t worth the gain.

Meditation: I was sent to see a specialist psychologist for 2 sessions to work on my meditation and relaxation techniques. It is minorly helpful. I mediate a couple times a day now, more if I’m in a flare. While I can slow my breathing, I can’t slow my heartbeat. I generally have tachycardia even without pain. I used to average 85 heart beats per minute, resting. Now that I have pain issues, it averages more than 100 beats per minute. One of the things we learned from gallbladder surgery is even under sedation I have tachycardia. I’d had zero stimulants for 18 hours before my gallbladder surgery. Yet, when they took my bp and heartbeat upon arrival, my BP was normal and my heartbeat was still 106 beats per minute. After I was sedated with anesthesia and Ketamine, I was given an injection of Valium, because my heart beat remained more than 100 beats per minute. After the valium kicked in, my heart beat dropped to 98 beats per minute and it was the lowest it got through out surgery and recovery. Essentially, I’m just one of those people that have a fast heartbeat all the time and pain has made it worse. One of the goals of meditation is to decrease heart beat rate which will help reduce pain. Unfortunately, I can’t reduce mine so meditation is only moderately helpful according to the psychologist I saw and that’s all I’ll ever be able to expect from it.

CBD Oil: CBD is thought to be the pain relieving chemical in marijuana. I find it helpful for treating my pain, but I’m allergic to the hemp plant and marijuana makes me sick. Same for cold pressed CBD oil. I found some hot pressed CBD oil and have been using it for the last month. I don’t find it as helpful as the CBD oil that makes me sick or marijuana. I’ve since learned that hot pressing the oil may remove the pollen I’m allergic to, but it also degrades the CBD oil. Which is probably why I don’t find it as helpful. My doctor’s first suggestion was 1,000 mg CBD oil. He’s since upped it to the 3,000mg. Or he said what would be better was marijuana edibles eaten about an hour after taking a couple benadryl. Since marijuana makes me incredibly sleepy, he recommended it for bedtime use. I haven’t done it, because the THC that causes the “high” feeling makes me feel like I have vertigo, which is a really horrible sensation.

Diet Change: I’m mildly allergic to chicken, pork, beef, dairy, and eggs. None of these allergies are strong enough to cause anaphylaxis, but they are strong enough to make me sick and upset my stomach. It’s really hard to get enough calories in a day when you remove nearly all sources of protein, sugars, and carbs. And I already struggle to get enough food calories in a day. So changing my diet to cut out carbs and sugars (what’s known as the inflammation diet) has been deemed problematic. And I find venison has a funky after taste that seems to coat my tongue and throat making everything I eat that day taste like it, so I haven’t added in venison to up my protein intake. Green beans and sprouts shouldn’t taste like venison ever, but they do when I eat the meat.

Acupuncture: I’ve done regular shock acupuncture with the needles in my skin giving a minor jolt every so often and I’ve used a tens unit. Both forms were unhelpful. However, I find the TENS unit very helpful on my knees and thighs when I’m in a pain flare and those muscles tighten up as a result.

Physical Therapy: I did three weeks of physical therapy. Then one day during therapy, I had a twitch appear in my groin. My therapist watched it for a few moments and then it moved to my sciatic nerve and I ended up kicking outward and hit him in the shoulder with my foot. He was nice about it, but that afternoon I got a call from the doctor, telling me physical therapy wasn’t working. I should be having fewer twitches and spasms, not more. Since I was having more and they were getting stronger, it was a sign that the therapy was doing more harm than good.

Nerve Pain Medications: Cymbalta is often prescribed for people with CRPS. It’s an SSRI that has the ability to calm nerves. Unfortunately, I can’t take medications that mess with my serotonin or dopamine levels. They cause me to stop sleeping, I’ve been on Cymbalta once for my anxiety and I slept so little during the two week period I nearly had a psychotic break. I was averaging just 15 minutes per night. So that’s out. Gabapentin made me suicidal and while Lyrica didn’t cause that, it did cause me to feel like my brain had been swapped out with someone else’s brain. Which is a really horrible feeling. I also had some other really problematic side effects, hence why I was taken off of it.

Ketamine: Ketamine helps me a great deal. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to prescribe oral ketamine in the state of Missouri for any reason other than a few conditions: depression and fibromyalgia. And my doctor who has extensive experience with the ketamine infusions says they are hit or miss. It might help this time and not the next; it’s an all day, multi-day procedure. He says in people who have it in their lower limbs, the procedure tends to cause a pain flare. Since I’m sensitive to pain flares based on comfort level while laying or sitting, it’s less effective when a pain flare happens because of the infusion and he doesn’t think I’ll get much relief as a result and he isn’t sure we can justify it. Plus, it’s tens of thousands of dollars per infusion, and my insurance won’t pay for it. Even if it wasn’t cost prohibitive, if we aren’t sure it’s going to help, I’m not sure I want to do it.

It’s for these reasons that I’ve had trouble keeping a pain management doctor or getting the quality of treatment I need. Missouri has a lovely thing where doctors can be fined or have their license revoked if the government review board decides that the doctor is prescribing too many opiates. It doesn’t matter that they are literally the only option for me, they count against my doctor. Oddly, my current pain management doctor has spoken out against opiates quite regularly. He isn’t a fan and I had some concerns when I switched to him. However, after going through my chart and talking with me, he said “I can see why you’ve had problems. We’ll have to do a few things to justify it to myself, but your former doctor noted you were going to be one of those patients that’s opiate only and he wrote that in his notes on why he asked you to transfer to another doctor. I’m going to torture you a little bit, to make sure he did everything right, but if you turn out to be an opiate only patient, I won’t kick you out of my practice, it is what it is and you won’t be my only CRPS patient that isn’t helped by the alternative treatments. It does happen more often than we’d like, luckily the opiates do help, because I have a few CRPS patients that nothing helps, even the opiates unless they are prescribed at really high doses of really strong narcotics and I have one that isn’t even helped by those. Unfortunately, since it’s your sympathetic and central nervous system involved, there isn’t a one size fits all treatment plan available.”

This means when I say I’ve tried every alternative treatment for my CRPS, I have. I recently found out about a new one that is similar to acupuncture (I think) that I’m going to talk to my doctor about in June. We had a brief phone conversation about it and he has concerns. He put off the discussion until June so he could read up on it. Since acupuncture hasn’t worked and has caused a pain flare, and he doesn’t know much about this other treatment, he wants to research it and make sure the risk of a pain flare isn’t greater with this treatment than with acupuncture. Pain flares aren’t just about an increase in pain for a few days, they have some serious risks; heart and GI damage, risk of stroke and heart attack increases dramatically during a flare, as does the risk of death and complications with the state of my mental health. They are to be avoided at all costs.


A friend who read my blog post the other day, said she was horrified to find out I was pro-choice. But, I consider myself “pro-health” more than “pro-choice.” I’m not particularly religious, so I don’t let a religion dictate what I can do with my body… I certainly don’t want a government and other people’s religious beliefs to influence to decide what my reproductive rights are. Here’s the deal, this is not a one-size-fits all solution for a lot of reasons.

For instance, let’s ignore any and all of my health problems that aren’t complex regional pain syndrome. If for some horrible reason, I were to get pregnant and a C-Section were required, I’d be screwed. Doing it would run the risk of spreading my disease. And even if I didn’t need a c-section, childbirth could send the nerves around those areas into hyperdrive and spread the disease to my lady bits. And let’s be honest, I was too sick to eat for 6 days due to pain recently from sleeping on a shitty mattress in my camper. Spreading my legs to give birth, is definitely going to cause a massive pain flare. But is nothing about giving birth with CRPS in the hips, is a life or death situation….

And what if that flare doesn’t last just six days? What if it were to last three weeks? What if I had to be hospitalized to treat that flare? What if I had to go through some aggressive and questionable treatments to get my pain back down to a manageable level? I already battle depression because of this disease, giving birth wouldn’t make it better.

J and I have taken steps to prevent this from happening, but honestly, shit happens and the universe has a very cruel sense of humor. Furthermore, we have access to pregnancy prevention because he works at a company that offers health insurance. In that respect, we are lucky. It could easily not be an option for us given the high premiums I’d have to pay for private insurance since I’m self employed.

Also, what about the tens of thousands of women who have to live on medications for mental illnesses? Most of which can’t be taken during pregnancy without running the risk of some serious side effects and some that keep a person so grounded, they aren’t slitting their wrists in the bathtub while listening to the song Blue Monday on repeat? Is that considered endangering the life of the mother?

I do think using abortion as an birth control is morally wrong. But I can think of a lot of situations in which the health of the mother is negatively impacted by a pregnancy with an unwanted child, to such a degree that even though it isn’t life threatening, it could be deemed medically necessary. Unfortunately, medically necessary and life threatening are different things.

Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, most women do not go skipping into their abortion appointments. It’s a serious decision given serious thought and treated with the solemnity it deserves. I’ve never met a woman that bragged about the number of abortions she’s had. I’m sure there are some out there, because people are weird, but most women never mention it to anyone.

See, I already have questions about the restrictions and it’s really only been a short time since bills banning abortions have started going into effect. Missouri’s reform to abortion is in the form of the 8 week rule. No one over 8 weeks pregnant can get an abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger. And like Alabama there is not an exception for victims of rape or incest. Furthermore, they tried to get it so it didn’t include pregnancies in which the mother’s life was in danger. Thankfully, that was removed before the final draft went to vote, because there wasn’t enough support for it… but they’ll try again. How many women in these states will see a decline in their health as a result of unwanted pregnancies and no other options available to them? We’ll have to wait and see.

Yesterday’s post was about the unintended consequences of forcing the population to have more unwanted babies from the stand point of those children. Today, my thoughts run closer to the health of the mothers of these unwanted babies. It’s not about being pro-choice, it’s about being pro-health, the health of every woman in this country.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics. Nothing that humans do, do not have consequences. However, often we overlook that unintended consequences are often very problematic to a society. With Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia, passing abortion bans that vary in severity, it’s time to think about those unintended consequences.

When you look at the statistics of abortion in the US, you’ll notice an interesting thing… the majority of women getting abortions are aged 18-25 and African-American women have twice as many abortions as whites. 27 pregnancies out of 1,000 are terminated by African Americans. While only 10 out of 1,000 are by whites. I’ve talked about adoption and foster care before… White children are adopted at nearly twice the rate of African-American children. And any child not adopted by the time they are 2 has something like an 80% of staying in foster care all their lives.

So, now we need more foster parents. Just as an aside, everyone realizes that foster parents get paid right? They get medicaid for their foster children, food stamps, and a monthly check to help with expenses. They also normally get free lunches at school. This means in states that are banning abortions, we will need to expand social services: Medicaid, free lunch program at school, food stamps, and checks to foster parents. Yet, the same idiot state representative that introduced the Missouri Abortion Ban wants to cut these programs significantly in this state.

And bring on the increase in Welfare mothers. These are women that know it makes more financial sense to not work and get government aid for their 3 or 9 kids. And the number of kids they are going to have is probably going to go up. And before you accuse the poor of doing this, you should know that I grew up with a kid whose mom was a stay at home mom of 5. They weren’t poor, they were Catholic, and didn’t believe in birth control. So it was better for her family if she didn’t work because she could get more benefits from the system than she’d ever make working a job. Her husband had a full time job that made decent money, but not enough to support their family of seven – 2 adults and 5 kids. Despite being educated (she had a degree in accounting) and not being poor, I considered her a Welfare Mother. She of course would never have gotten an abortion.

We should also start increasing our prison capacity. Foster children and children who grow up in homes where they aren’t wanted have a higher rate of criminality. Also, dead beat dads, a felony in most states, are going to increase in these states because women do not have options other than to have their unwanted children, leaving more men on the hook for these children. And we should begin to increase the budget most states allot for family court ordered DNA testing as the number of these tests are going to increase as nearly every birth certificate is going to have a father listed now. Women who have unwanted children are more likely to put the father on the birth certificate and “get the man on the hook” for their children than those that just made a “mistake” and are single mothers.

Also, child abuse rates are going to increase. And in countries where abortion isn’t legal, the infanticide rate is higher. So we should prepare for more parents to kill their children after they are born, both accidentally and intentionally. With the increase of child abuse rates also comes an increase in the number of sociopaths and psychopaths in the world, since this can be a factor in this mental disease. Which also means more serial killers and rapists, and more mass murderers as well as the fact that abused kids tend to grow up to be abusers.

And we need to prepare for more birth defects in populations of children born to women who don’t want them and so don’t quit drinking alcohol or doing drugs just because they are pregnant or start using drugs and alcohol because they’re pregnant with an unwanted child. Especially since heavy drug and alcohol use can lead to miscarriages, and therefore could be seen (used) as an alternative to abortion.

Finally, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it stops. Cocaine and heroin are illegal and still used. Felons aren’t supposed to own guns, but still do. Meaning back alley coat hanger abortions will be making a comeback.

I get the argument “abortion is murder,” but isn’t that a decision for a pregnant woman to make? If she can live with it, does it matter that some lawmaker disagrees? Isn’t it just as bad to have an unwanted child grow up to become Ted Bundy or Gary Ridgway as it is to have an abortion? And realistically, we are more likely to get Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy out of these unwanted children than Einstein, Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, because they are starting with the severe disadvantage of being unwanted.

Welcome to the US

Welcome to the decline of Western Civilization in the US. Recent governmental proceedings have proven that lawmakers have no clue what they are talking about and that women aren’t free in this country. My best friend termed the attack on Women’s Rights a Christian Sharia. A muslim female Muslim friend of mine told me we might as well live in the Middle East, because at least then we would know we had no value except as property.

Thanks Alabama and Missouri for reminding the world that criminal men have more rights than law abiding women. What do I mean? The Alabama abortion law has no exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest. This means a rapist who impregnates a female and who serves his time, could get visitation rights of the child. Also, the state is forcing the woman to relieve the trauma every time she looks at her child. So that’s fun.

And contrary to the statement of one Missouri lawmaker, women who are raped do not expel the sperm just because they don’t want it. Interestingly, Alabama’s two exceptions to the abortion ban are when the mother’s life is at risk and when the fetus has a lethal defect. I think if we want to control reproduction, we should make it illegal to have sex without a condom. Or perhaps we should criminalize all sex. That makes as much sense.

For the record, both of my friends are correct. The US has slowly become the most restrictive Western country on the rights of women. Women of the US really should prepare for the day a congressman gets on TV and tells us if we don’t want to be raped, we should wear burkas. I mean, we already treat rape victims like it’s their fault. If men couldn’t see women, they wouldn’t rape them, because they couldn’t be tempted. Oh wait, rape is about power and dominance not sex… just like murder. So, yeah, actually they would.

And now rape victims who become pregnant have to give birth to that child. Every day of her pregnancy she’ll have to think about the fact that she was raped, and she gets to financially support it too as she makes payments to her OB/GYN on prenatal care. I feel like this is morally unacceptable. I mean if she knows her rapist, can she sue him in civil court and force him to pay for her legal fees, therapy fees, and the prenatal care?

Also, since when does banning abortion, stop it? Even in Muslim countries where pregnant women can be put to death for having an abortion, it still happens. With these laws the US joins the Middle East in restriction of women’s reproductive rights. I also believe we should start sinking money into Alabama’s Children’s Services, immediately. Because those systems are going to get hit pretty hard as more and more unwanted babies are born.

Furthermore, unwanted children are more likely to be physically and psychologically abused by a parent and given over to the foster care system. Interestingly, child abuse leads to a higher teen suicide rate (and ironically pregnancy rate), drug addiction, and join gangs as well as be sociopathic, so this could lead to a rise in serial killers, serial rapists, and school shootings as well. The law of unintended consequences is very powerful and far reaching.

Goddess Investigations by Nadine Daniels

Goddess Investigations didn’t turn out like a normal HJ book. There’s a small plot line that includes a relationship and a lesbian make-out scene. Several people told me I needed to think of a second pen name for this book, because I didn’t want it lumped in with the Hadena James brand. That brand is about books without sex in them, what my mentor refers to as the anti-romance brand.

After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, I finally thought of one. And about two weeks later a reader contacted me… “The last two Dysfunctional Chronicles” have seen Nadine Daniels making things with beads, coloring things, and even considering taking up painting. Then she decided to pull a Dr. Watson and write Aislinn Cain’s memoirs, so why not have her write fiction novels as her hobby and publish them under Nadine Daniels?”

Kinda like Castle? Well hot damn. That’s not a bad idea. So I took the idea to some other writers, some readers, my best friend, and my writing mentor to get their opinions. And they LOVED the idea. My mentor was all “It ties the books to the HJ brand without making them HJ books, it is a great idea! And you can allude to Nadine’s books in the Dysfunctional Chronicles. It’s a win-win! Perfect idea! Now go write the first chapter of the next Dysfunctional Chronicle and send it to me, make sure you mention the first book she’s writing in it.”

And therefore, Goddess Investigations a paranormal thriller with a bit of the yucky kissy stuff and sex in it, will be published with the author as Nadine Daniels. I’m shooting for a publication date of July 19th or July 26th.

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