Buried Dreams paperback

I have spent the last 2 days trying to format the Buried Dreams paperback. It has been an absolute fucking nightmare. I swear a lot in this post, just to warn you.

Here’s the issue, there are an “odd” number of pages… meaning I need one blank page towards the beginning of the book so that Chapter 1 starts on the right side of the page. No problem, insert page break and leave page blank.


What? I inserted a single page break, why are there now 2 – TWO blank pages? Fuck. The chapter starts on a left hand page now…. I need 1 blank page. Just 1.

Open document back up. Remove page break, since Amazon thinks it’s 2 pages. Insert new page break, upload to Amazon again for the paperback preview.

2 blank pages! How!? Why?? It’s 1 page break, not two. Why are there 2 blank pages??? Fine, we’ll stop dealing with “blank pages” I’ll insert a dedication page. Write dedication page. Save, upload.

Great, now the dedication is there but there is 1 blank page!!! And chapter 1 starts on the LEFT SIDE OF THE BOOK AGAIN! How? How is this possible? Fuck. Fine. Open document back up. Insert 1 page break. Single page break inserted, upload to Amazon again.

What the FUCK?! Now it says it can’t accept it because it has 3 blank pages in a row! NO! I inserted 1 page break, that is 1 single blank page, not 3. What the actual fuck!

Open document, delete dedication and leave the page break alone. Upload.

2 blank pages again! 2!!! FINE! Delete page break creating blank page. Upload again.

Fuck… now there are no blank pages again and my first chapter is on the LEFT SIDE again. Headache starting. I quit for today.

Day 2:

I have no blank pages, I need one. Fine. Re-insert dedication because maybe yesterday was a fluke. Upload. ONE blank page, but with the dedication I need NO blank pages. Close and reopen file, insert page break. Re upload to the print book formatter… WTF! Now I have 2 blank pages again. Close again.

Open document, after dedication I insert “This page intentionally left blank” on the “blank page” I’ve been trying to insert and upload it again. “Error: Document contains 3 blank pages in a row.” It can’t. It just absolutely can’t. I have added 2 pages of text and 1 page break… 1 page break does not create 3 blank pages. Decide to try something else.

I insert 2 blank pages in the Word document. Dedication on page 1 of the blank pages. This page intentionally left blank on the backside of the dedication. Upload.

I hate this! I have a single blank page again. But I don’t WANT OR NEED A BLANK PAGE with the other two pages. Chapter 1 starts on the LEFT SIDE OF THE BOOK AGAIN.

Needless to say, the Buried Dreams paperback is not finished or available yet. Monday I uploaded Dysfunctional Dreams and it was fine and it’s available… but I cannot get the front stuff to format correctly so I can offer paperbacks of Buried Dreams and I don’t know what the fuck to do about it.

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