We traveled to Springfield, Missouri over the weekend to see friends and family. It’s about a 3 hour drive from our house, we left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon.

Today, I should be working my fingers off recreating the lost ending of Competitive Dreams. I admit, I’m not. I slept like the dead last night except for a weird dream about a giant millipede. I also slept an extremely long time for me. Usually pain forces me out of bed after about 7 1/2 hours or so, not this morning though. I slept a great deal for me and only woke up when I did because I set an alarm on Sunday and forgot to turn it off once we got home.

I have basically spent all day staring blankly and thoughtlessly at my laptop screen and I feel sleep deprived still.

Today it’s hot, tomorrow it’s supposed to be lovely and much cooler (a 20 degree drop is expected overnight) with highs in the 90s today and tomorrow in the low 70s. It is my intention to go to bed early tonight and then get up tomorrow morning and work outside all day. I’m hoping going to bed early, getting a good night’s sleep, and then the joy of working outside tomorrow gets the creative juices flowing again. I think I have 2 maybe 3 days more of writing to finish Competitive Dreams, at which point it will get edited by Editor 1 in totality and then go to the next round of editors.

My goal was publication at Halloween, but I have some doubts we can get all the editing completed in time for that due to the missing ending. However, it will release in November if we don’t make Halloween, so you will get a D&R novel before the end of the year.

Stomach Bug & Work

September 5th, I suddenly felt off… I forced myself to eat some dinner, but afterwards I experienced a stomach ache. I haven’t eaten much since then and the one day I got adventurous (Saturday the 11th), I ended up regurgitating it later. I am frenetically trying to write replacement chapters for Competitive Dreams after losing the last 10 chapters of the novel. Last week, I was exceptionally tired and just felt blah all week without appetite. My appetite began to return Saturday, but it’s been hit and miss… meaning while I “feel better” I’m still having some issues with the stomach bug.

I know there’s a stomach bug going around, several people I know have had it over the last month. We even delayed my birthday dinner with friends in the middle of August a few days because our friends were battling it. I’ve found work hard this past week, between being tired and not keeping down most foods (I handle crackers pretty well), I find my attention wandering and I’ve had moments when I look at the book and think “?????”. Also, while I’m not having trouble taking in fluids and staying hydrated, sometimes I randomly get nauseated and just have to stop whatever I’m doing for a while.

I did contact my Angela at Covered Creatively last night to get a cover for Competitive Dreams and I’m working as fast as I can to fix the damaged part of the book. However, I admit this has sidetracked me a bit. However, I’m still aiming for a Halloween release for Competitive Dreams.

The Problem with automatic backups

In July, my laptop was knocked off my bed and the hard drive suffered damage. All the recent files I’d been working on were corrupted including Competitive Dreams. But I did not remember to turn off my automatic backup software and it backed up the damaged Competitive Dreams file. So, I did a file recovery to get the book and it said it was 90,000 words and I was like “awesome!” and sent it for the first round of editing.

Those edits were completed September 4th and since then… I have worked on rewriting the last 10 or chapters because apparently the recovered file was incomplete and I lost the last 10 chapters or roughly 20,000 words of Competitive Dreams.

I started doing automatic backups because I forget to backup consistently and after losing Avenging Reality in February of 2020… I decided I needed to do something about it. Losing Avenging Reality was a software problem, I upgraded the writing program I used and somehow futzed it up and didn’t have a good backup of it. Competitive was lost due to a hardware issue… Sometimes I wonder if all this technology is really making life better.

I ❤️ Murderbot

My best friend made a book recommendation to me recently. I am such a picky reader suggesting books I might like is a crapshoot. Most of the time, I end up hating them.

The suggestion was The Murderbot Diaries… okay, I don’t enjoy a lot of science fiction and I have never enjoyed a space opera but there’s zero sex and romance so I’ll give it a try.

I raced through the 4 novellas and then the novel and then the short story. I love Murderbot. I loved the books so much, I will be buying them. Even better I love the narrator of the Murderbot audiobooks.

Gonna Stop Following the Directions

I woke up Tuesday congested, tired, and generally blah. I spent all morning wondering if I had a cold…

Then as I attempted to eat a bland lunch, it hit me…

The directions on Flonase says 2 squirts in each nostril until symptoms are under control then cut back to 1 spray in each nostril and a couple times a month since I started it, I have woken up sick.

Going through my migraine log, I can see it happens every time it rains… it can rain a little or a lot, but every time we have rain I wake up “sick.” And every time I have increased the Flonase until symptoms get back under control.

Do I need to follow this instruction? Chances of it killing me if I don’t do the “cut back once symptoms are under control” seem small…. What if I just keep using 2 sprays every night? It feels somewhat necessary because I seem to be allergic to rain (most likely it fungal and mold spores released after the rain that bothers me) but it does bother me.

Dogs and Medical “Athletic Wrap” (aka Medical Flex Tape)

Sunday night, we noticed Lola had a rather large chunk of skin missing from her foot (just above where her pad starts/stops) on the bottom of her foot. I talked to the vet Monday morning and she told me she’d do exactly what I had done; apply Neosporin and wrap her foot in medical “flex tape” this is a type of wrap that sticks to itself but not skin. She also suggested putting Lola in a cone if she wouldn’t leave it alone and of course, she won’t. It isn’t deep, just big, about the size of a nickel and when it isn’t covered Lola insists the best thing for it is her tongue.

If it isn’t significantly better by August 31st, she has an appointment with the vet. I am really hoping it’s better by then, but if not… We think it hurts her to go up and down stairs, because she’s been determined to come and go via the garage this week.

Convincing her she really needs to stop licking it has been a battle and we’ve resorted to putting children’s socks over the bandage to assist with preventing her from pulling the wrap off with her paw or with Kelly’s help. This has really slowed down my writing this week. And PS: Lola really hates socks.

On top of it, our insurance company finally got back with us on our camper damage from July 9th and they are certain they are just going to total it out. We have to go up and clean it out, so chances are that most of this week, I won’t get as much done as I’d like, but it needs to be done.

The book (a historical detective mystery) surpassed 40,000 words over the weekend. Competitive Dreams is with the first editor. Elysium & Mercurial Dreams audiobooks have released… I have been alerted that at least one person who downloaded it from Amazon UK had issues with Elysium Dreams not being complete. This appears to be a download issue, as the copies I listened to from and Scribd were complete. Meaning if you downloaded Elysium Dreams and found one or more chapters incomplete you’ll need to contact the distributor to sort out the download issue, because it’s not a publishing/narrator issue and I do not have control over the audiobooks or distribution.


Lola decided this afternoon I needed help with my historical fiction novel. She refused to go up the stairs outside or inside and instead stood in my office and snapped at me until I moved my table and cleaned off the couch, where she is now laid out napping.

Another One Down

Well, I made it through another birthday. We had Kilian and Jude most of the weekend which was nice, but exhausting. It’s going to take me a few days to recover I have a feeling, because this morning I opened my writing program and just stared at the screen for about 10 minutes before deciding I didn’t have a clue what came next in the story I’m working on.

Tomorrow, the Elysium Dreams and Mercurial Dreams audiobooks release. The last two weeks of August in Missouri are supposed to be cooler (low to mid 80s most days) and I’m looking forward to working outside for most of it and hope it improves my mood a bit.

The last several months, have been a mental health struggle. I don’t really know what’s wrong except that I’ve felt kinda “blah.”

I have joined an online dart league, which has been good. I’m enjoying playing from home, it’s much easier on my body than in person in a bar play where sitting in brutally uncomfortable chairs between matches is more than I can handle anymore. I was the worst player in league but it has been more than 3 years since I threw a dart, so I expected it and I can only improve at this point.

I am writing on a couple different books right now. One of them is not dark and gory, which is unusual for me and might be a disaster by the time it’s finished. But I am still working.


For the record, I forgot how exhausting toddlers are. And Jude is not afraid to tell me I’m wrong. Jude asked why Uncle Cody wasn’t taking Kilian when he picked up Jude. I tried to explain about family… Cody is Jude’s uncle, but not Kilian’s because Cody is mommy’s brother and Kilian’s dad is brothers with Jude’s dad. Jude put his hands on his hips and said “You’re wrong, we are all family.” Yes I am Jude, you’re right we are all family.”