I have been writing since I was 8 years old.  My grandparents and great aunt instilled a love of history.  My mother and my best friend instilled a love a books.  I was a bibliophile by the time I could talk.  Writing naturally grew from that.  I was in my late teens when I had my first short story published and published sporadically after that while in high school and college.

However, novels have always been my true love.  I have written sixteen or seventeen of them, but have had trouble getting published, just like everyone else.  Most of my rejection letters have told me to “put a little sex in it” and resubmit.  I just never really found the places where they thought the sex belonged.

My other hobbies include travel and I have been to tons of places.  For some reason, my two favorites cities to visit are Chicago, Illinois and Berlin, Germany.  I love to learn.  I am a huge music fan; although, I seem to have jumped off the “new music bandwagon” in recent years.  I read as much as possible.  My husband and I go camping almost every other weekend during the summer.

In June 2016, my life changed forever. I’ve had pain in my right forearm and hand since I was 14. It was brushed off as an “arthritic like condition” and there was nothing that could be done about it. In June 2016, that pain moved to my right hip and we finally learned the “arthritic like condition” was in fact a progressive neurological disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I spent the next two years on gabapentin and Lyrica. I had horrible side effects on them and the result is minor brain damage that will be permanent.

I love animals and have 2 dogs – Lola and Kelly. Lola is a German Shepherd/Collie mix and Kelly is a mutt with visible traces of Border Collie/Beagle in her. They are both girls. We got Lola first, but she turned out to need a friend. Unfortunately, Lola is not a fan of male dogs for very long and never has been. The solution was to get Lola a female puppy. A friend messaged me and said she knew of a female puppy that needed to be rescued and so, we got Lola a puppy. Because Kelly was a puppy when she came to us, we don’t have a lot of problems despite having 2 female dogs from different litters (2 females who both want to be alphas will fight to the death sometimes).

My husband and I met when we were teens. I was 14, he was 15. We did not like each other. Fast forward fourteen years and we started dating. We got married in February 2017.

I love being an independently published author. It’s a ton of work, but I love that I control what goes into my books, not an editor or someone who does research on the book market and decides what’s hot and needs to be put into a novel to sell it.

Favorite authors are a hodge-podge of classics, pop novelists and the critically deep: Jane Austen, Gaston LeRoux, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, HP Lovecraft, Clive Barker, and James Patterson, to name a few.

Favorite bands include KMFDM, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Andrea Bocelli, Pink, and Garbage.

I have a degree in history from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

I speak English and German with a smattering of Russian in there for some very bizarre reason.

I am secretly in love with Stephen Fry and believe he might actually know everything…

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  1. I just completed,”Tortured Dreams”. This is the first of your books that I have read. I read it straight through, it’s now 1:53 am. I selected your book at random and I look forward to reading more of your work. I was enthralled from the moment I started reading.
    I won’t dwell upon myself, other than to tell you that today was chemo day, a day I normally dread, but I was able to escape through this wonderful literary work! So, thank you and please keep writing! You rock! 👏


  2. I wish I could share the string of angry and angst-filled texts my daughter, who is a high school junior, sent me today after speed-reading through Mutilated Dreams. We just downloaded it last night and sometime after 5th period the texting began. I haven’t finished it yet, as one of us actually does something at school during the day (I evaluate special needs pre-k children and she apparently reads your books). Here are but a few of her messages, each line was a separate text:

    The new bad guy is horrible!
    I don’t even want him to exist!
    I loathe him immensely!
    The new bad guy is really, really bad.
    Like, super bad!
    I don’t even have a way to accurately describe how much I detest him!!
    He went after Malachi
    And Ace
    And Fiona
    And Lucas
    Basically the SCTU
    It’s just bad.
    They’re horrible!
    And then there is the cliffhanger that just made it worse!

    Yep. Apparently she has gotten several of her friends into your Dreams and Reality series by simply emoting her joy, outrage, disbelief, and admiration for your writing, again apparently during school. I should be mad at her, but I totally get it. And now I’m off to finish Mutilated Dreams so she will stop slapping her hand over her mouth to prevent any spoilers from popping out.

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    1. Those are hilarious! No worries though, they always get what they deserve in the end and this story has only begun. I think she will find Fortified Dreams more satisfying.


  3. I just started reading your Dreams & Reality series last week and I am now on #7. I am totally hooked! O yeah, I also loved the reference to the Janet Evanovich series. I love Stephanie Plum and Morelli! I have that entire series and Have read them several times. I imagine I will read and reread your dreams series as well. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each night before bed.

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    1. I finish reading all the books of the “Aislinn Cain”. I love when an author challenge my mind, I love doing research. I read in a daily basis and can read two books a day.

      Your intelligence is above average, the way you mix and match many stories in the story is really good. The characters aren’t your “daily-run-in-the-mill” and that is the base of the best work.

      Usually I want to feel to be inside the story. But with “Aislinn Cane”..I don’t need that ..just following and recalling my College days, search my references book or search engine is enough and very satisfying. The rapport or not of the cast of characters is unique.

      Also, please, the book of Eric’s story, can be part of the Ainlinn books? I almost leave it out cause isn’t so prominent. Is and excellent way to begin the series.

      Keep working like that and please, keep us, your readers, posted!🤗 More “Aislinn and the rest of the Team!!!🙋

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      1. I consider Triggered Reality D&R book 0.5, but for some reason I couldn’t put that as the number when I was publishing it. And glad you enjoyed them.


  4. I have been binge reading your book this last week ever since I got the first one free. Really enjoying them all. Very interesting facts especially in your first book. Makes you pause and think

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  5. I just finished all three series and enjoyed them immensely. I also recommended the Dreams and Reality to my stepfather. I hope you will continue writing more books for all three series.


    1. I have Innocent Dreams and The Dysfunctional Wedding in the works. The Brenna Strachan series is done, however, at the end of book four, Brenna gave birth to Callie Strachan and I have been hammering out the details for the Death Demon Trilogy for the last year. It will pick up with Callie’s life as an adult (and mother).


      1. Loving this series! Just got into them about 1.5 weeks ago and stopped reading everything else in the meantime. Can not put them down.
        Wondering about Innocent Dreams? This says it was in the works in 2016, there is the 1.5 coming out, but I see nothing for Innocent. Can you share an update on it? Still says on here it is going to be published Oct of 2016.
        Thank you for any info.

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      2. Innocent Dreams got put on hold for a while. I found it very difficult to have my great nephew a few times a week and then write about a child killer. However, Flawless Dreams will release in May.


  6. I am on the last book of your dreams and reality series and the whole series so far is amazing. Please tell me there will be more. Can not get enough. Have read em all in week.

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  7. Hey. On your third Dreams & Reality series. Huge fan. I am from Kansas City, dated a guy in Columbia once, and have even lived in Blue Springs. Haven’t been back in quite a few years, but I picture Ace’s neighborhood to be off I70 behind the Walmart. LOL

    Also, I was looking for an email address to share a few typos here and there with you. Some authors are rather cocky they wouldn’t want that, but I don’t think that’s you. StormTrance on Gmail if you’re interested in them.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    P.S. I started the series because you offered the first one for free. So brilliant!!!

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    1. I have started a lot of series because of freebie books so it only makes sense to me as an author for me to do the same.

      When you get to Cannibal Dreams, the El Chaparral neighborhood was where I pictured the shoes on the electric line.

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  8. I’m a little late on the uptake (not sure if that’s even a word!) as it’s now 2022! I just finished listening to Elysium Dreams and loved it! I only wish I had started at the beginning of the series😕. I’m going to listen to the first one as soon as I can. Then I’ll listen to many more.

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    1. I personally like Elysium slightly more than Tortured… but I have found the first 2 can be read in either order without any real negative effects. I’m glad you enjoyed Elysium.


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