Updates for September 30th

This week, I finished rewriting the ending of Competitive Dreams and sent that section to the first editor. I contacted Covered Creatively a few weeks ago to get the cover for it.

Autumn might actually be coming for me in Mid-Missouri. We had a few days of Fall-like weather last week and then it jumped back into the 90s for 4 days. Today it’s supposed to be much cooler again (mid-80s instead of mid-90s) and I’ve had a sinus headache for 2 days, which isn’t uncommon when the weather changes.

I decided after finishing Competitive Dreams to take some time off. So until the first editor returns the ending with suggestions, I’m offline and not working. Instead I am playing games and crocheting. I have a bunch of projects in progress and I started a new one the other day because Kelly doesn’t have enough sweaters and winter is coming.

I’m freestyling this sweater though, because I had some size 3 yarn I wanted to use for it, but couldn’t find a pattern using the yarn size for a dog her size… they were all for tiny dogs (1-5 pounds or 5-10 pounds – Kelly is 55 pounds) which I understand, larger yarn makes larger stitches and it makes sense to use a size 4 or larger yarn for a sweater in her size. However, my mom has spent the year making afghans for all the great grandkids using Mandala yarn and I love the colors available in Mandala, so I bought some too and Kelly’s sweater is being made out of Mandala (color Unicorn).

I think after 30 years of crocheting and having made 4 other dog sweaters and 4 people sweaters, I can make her a sweater without a pattern. And I’m sure, the first time she wears it, I’ll take plenty of pictures and she’ll love it.

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