Copycat Dreams and Codex Pandemonium Updates

I continue to self edit both Copycat Dreams and Codex Pandemonium. It takes me about 6 hours to edit a 3,000 word chapter (rewording sentences to remove passive voice and clauses, clean up ideas, and improve the pacing of sentences and paragraphs). Also as an FYI, both Copycat Dreams and Codex Pandemonium are over 95,000 words.

For the record, I despise self editing. I realize there are things only a writer can edit in a story, but I find self editing tedious and boring and sometimes struggle against the urge to delete massive swaths of the book or the entire book as a whole. And three days a week, I don’t have six hours between getting up and going to bed to complete an entire chapter as my mom is still doing dialysis necessitating I do more for her.

It does help that the weather is nice enough to allow me to work outside finally. My intention is to publish both books this summer, hopefully before my birthday in mid-August.


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