Lola’s Surgery

They successfully removed the benign tumor from the muscle in Lola’s back leg. This is the same side she has the bone spurs from her spine pushing on the nerves of her leg, which was part of the reason it had to be removed. Wednesday I got to work outside preparing Copycat Dreams for the editor. And Lola decided to come outside and enjoy the weather with me. The incision to remove it was much larger than we anticipated, but she seems to be doing well as I write this. The worst part for Lola seems to have been the waiting to drink afterwards. Due to side effects of the anesthesia medication she wasn’t allowed water from 8pm the night before her surgery until 6am the morning after surgery.

At one point she just sat and stared at her empty water bowl inside the basement as we watched TV. The first 15 hours after she came home, she stayed in the basement with me. We folded down the futon in the basement living room to sleep on and she woke me up at 5am and I filled her water bowl finally. She drank the bowl dry and then she went back to sleep. Around lunch time on Wednesday she decided after being outside, she wanted to go upstairs and she had no issues going up the inside stairs and it didn’t stress her stitches as much as I expected (I watched her closely come up, because if it had stressed them, I was going to make her stay in the basement again).


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