Missing History

There are a lot of things missing from history. It is written by those with the best publicists. And that tended to be the wealthy. Having said that, I think we often do ourselves and our history an injustice with some of filling in the blanks. The speculation often creates a sort of mad lib out of history. Almost no where is this more evident than the theory of ancient aliens.

If you believe mankind has been aided by alien intervention, fear not, this post isn’t aimed at making fun of you. While this isn’t my own personal belief, I can see why it is a popular theory and I even have head scratching moments when I consider some of the evidence in favor of it.

First and foremost, it is true that no mummy was found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and quite frankly, the interior words and artwork, don’t actually align with other tombs that have been discovered. We suspect it was used for the burial of Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), but we don’t know that for certain. Even looted tombs, don’t really resemble the interior of the Great Pyramid, which is why there is some doubt on it being built for that purpose. However, it had to be incredibly important, which is what lead us to believe it was a royal tomb in the first place. You don’t spend that much time, energy, and money on building something unimportant. The problem, is, if it isn’t a tomb, we have no clue what it is or why it was built. We don’t even totally understand the engineering behind it.

In the last two decades, we’ve found an account about the building of it, and learned more about the engineering of the Great Pyramid, but learning it really lead to more questions than answers. And it didn’t explain why it was built. And nowhere did it mention the pyramid was intended as the burial location of Khufu.

Therefore, is it any surprise that, some have filled in the how and why with ancient aliens? And to add to the mystery, engineering experts don’t believe we’d be able to replicate the Great Pyramid today. Not the shape, that’s been done many times over, but the actual construction. The moving of the giant stones, setting them nearly perfectly, filling in the mortar, carving the outside limestone covering that once coated it, etc, etc. Even the cutting and transport of the stones is questionable for modern engineers.

This doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been done or would have required advanced technological help, it just raises the question “if we can’t do it, how did they?” I once heard this question asked in a class and there was a humorous answer. The professor quipped “We rely on the wheel far too much, it’s our undoing.” There’s truth in that statement. Moving massive stones via wheeled carts would have been impossible in the time and location of the Great Pyramid. But as I’ve said before, sleds with runners, not wheels would make it possible to move these stones. But it’s still a feat that’s hard to wrap the mind around.

Alien intervention seems just as plausible and probable as humans doing it all themselves without the aid of technology that include stone cutting saws, compasses, awls, and other items that make modern construction easier.

Unfortunately, I feel these theories do a disservice to human ingenuity. One of the things I enjoy about history is that humans do some amazing things. Now, being the jaded person I am, I tend to think humans are best at figuring out ways to kill other humans and well, a pyramid isn’t terribly helpful for that, unless it’s part of death ray (which seems unlikely). And yet, building a pyramid is in fact probably a great way to kill other humans, when you think about it. Heat exhaustion and sun stroke (it is Egypt), giant stones, massive sleds with runners, probably pulled by oxen, and suddenly, you have a construction project capable of mass human casualties.

Now, this is likely not the explanation for the building of the Great Pyramid, but it can’t be ruled out entirely either. However, building a pyramid in order to execute lots of people isn’t any more far fetched than believing it was built to provide fuel for alien spaceships and as I said, humans are really good at devising unique ways to kill other humans.

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