Summoning A Demon

My interest in the demonic is mostly a thought exercise.  I don’t believe in it.  However, I have always had a fascination for religion and the paranormal and evil, and the demonic falls into all three of those categories.

The other day, The Onion (my favorite fake news site) ran an article about kids who learn Latin having an easier time of summoning a demon.  Because here’s the thing, if I’m wrong and the demonic does exist, it obviously isn’t that easy for them to cause mayhem or possess people.

Since we don’t deal with demonic possession frequently, it can’t be that easy to become possessed or summon a demon or it would happen all the time.  However, something I read recently stated that to become demonically possessed or to be able to summon a demon requires a desire to do so.  In other words, you would need to really, truly want it to happen, not just going through the motions because you are filled with teenage angst.  Which explains why everyone who dabbles in research of the demonic doesn’t become possessed and/or fails to summon a demon.  Maybe their heart isn’t in it.  I’m talking about people like me.

I don’t need or want to be possessed because I have enough problems in my life.  It would be rather redundant in my opinion.

Something else I read talked about needing to have something to offer a demon to summon it or entice it to possess you.  And apparently your immortal soul isn’t enough.  You need to have some kind of power.  In other words, I probably can’t become possessed or summon a demon because A: (see redundant comment) and B: What am I going to offer to write the demon’s biography?  I don’t have any real power or influence to offer.  Even knowing a smidge of Latin isn’t going to help me become possessed or summon a demon.

I’ve had someone point out to me that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convinced people he didn’t exist.  But what if it’s the opposite?  What if the greatest trick ever pulled was convincing people that the devil does exist?

Just so we’re clear, I said I don’t believe in the demonic, but I do believe in the possibility of the demonic, which is why I haven’t cleared a spot on my garage floor to draw a summoning circle to offer my soul up in exchange for becoming an infinitely more marketable author or cure my CRPS.  I have been known to be wrong before and knowing my luck, if I did it to prove the demonic didn’t exist, they would in fact exist and I’d be screwed in the after life.  I guess you could call me an agnostic on the demonic and unwilling to be a guinea pig to see what happens.  I’ll leave that for someone braver than me.

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