Jobe Fertilizer Sticks

Oh my dear God!

We got rain the other night, lots of it, with wind and lightening and loud thunder.  After it passed, the girls went out for the last time.  Lola stuck her head in bucket of tomatoes and I guess the storm had uncovered my Jobe Fertilizer Stick.  I buy the organic and before I could stop her, she had swallowed it.

Late night call to the vet emergency number.  There is a poison warning on the bag.  I was terror struck as the vet came back on to tell me it happens a lot and it’s not a big deal.  The first ingredient is bone meal.  The second ingredient is feather meal.  Dogs love them it turns out.

It can cause digestive upset because it also has potash in it… Vomiting and diarrhea are to be expected.  But it’s not a big deal.  The warning is more for small children and cats than dogs.  The vet told me to try not to make them a regular part of her diet.  I thanked him and pulled myself together.

I’m not looking forward to the digestive distress, but I’ll take that over the alternative any day.  I was scared we were going to have to load her into the car and take her to the vet for emergency treatment and that I might have had to try to induce vomiting before we went, or while in the car with her.

Good grief what a nightmare!  Glad I buy the organic because if I didn’t, we’d have had to run to the Vet ER.  Of course, she probably wouldn’t have eaten if it hadn’t been made primarily of bone meal.


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