Writing Progress Report

I’m going to try to do monthly-ish writing progress reports (they may happen every month or every 3 weeks or every 5 weeks, one just never knows with me).  This is where I’m at now:

  • Terrorific Tales has published in ebook form and the paperbacks are in progress.  Just waiting on the final edits from my editor.  It has one Amazon review…
  • Triggered Reality is with the editor.  I have her notes on Eric Clachan’s story and am now awaiting her notes on the other serial killer story in it.
  • Flawless Dreams is about half done and I suspect I will send it to the editor the first week of April.  I am planning May release.
  • Movement in the Shadows has one story done.  So far, it is making me broaden my writing horizons.
  • Death Demon Trilogy Book 1:  Legacies Awakened has six chapters done.  These are the continuation of the Brenna Strachan novels and will center on an adult Callie Strachan.
  • The next Dysfunctional Chronicle has begun to take shape in my head.
  • Ritual Dreams has a plot and a serial killer.  I’ll begin work on it pretty soon (after I finish Flawless Dreams).
  • The second Reality book doesn’t have a title, but will feature the character stories for Brent Timmons, aka the Tallahassee Terror, and Turkish Jack.

What Have I Been Doing?

I decided to give a progress update.  I’ve been juggling a lot of different projects and some are moving faster than others.  So, feel free to ignore this post if you don’t read my books.

  • The first round of edits on Fortified Dreams is complete.
  • I have 6 days to finish a Dysfunctional Chronicle which has been giving me fits.  I’m just not feeling funny right now.  I’m trying to work on that by re-reading Good Omens.  It is one of my favorite comedies.
  • I am beta reading for another author… Love the book so far, but haven’t had the time to dedicate to it that I had expected.  I feel bad about that.
  • Legacies Awakened – Book 1 in the Death Demon Trilogy finally found traction.  It is going to piss off a lot of Strachan fans, but it has been a great motivator for the series.
  • Flawless Dreams is started.  I have the first serial killer chapter written as well as the first few regular chapters.
  • Ritual Dreams also has the first serial killer chapter written.  Nothing more though.
  • I have been in a dark mood lately, I think that’s why Fortified fell out as well as it did.  I think that also explains Legacies Awakened finally coming to life.  And The Dysfunctional Beginning suffering from a lack of funniness, really, I want to have Nadine with a flame thrower solving most of the problems in her life and that just doesn’t work.
  • The new Facebook and Twitter banner has been completed.  I can never sing enough praises for Angela’s work.  Covered Creatively has been a god-send.  She just gets me and my writing.  It’s amazing that she can create art from adjectives.
  • I failed to get out swag, but it is coming!  I promise to have it done and in the mail no later than Tuesday.  My personal life has overwhelmed my writing life at the moment and I feel beaten down (which might be why I want to start killing off fictional characters, it’s stress relief).

Ok, more later.

Eight Serial Killers

Yesterday afternoon, while I waited for time to tick by and allow me to take another pill for my migraine, I thought about what would follow Fortified Dreams.  After all, I do need six Dreams books for 2017.

I came up with eight serial killers that will star in their own books and eight titles:

  • Ritual Dreams (technically, I already had this one, so it doesn’t count)
  • Purified Dreams
  • Molten Dreams
  • Innocent Dreams
  • Caustic Dreams
  • Flawless Dreams
  • Fallen Dreams
  • Soiled Dreams
  • Golden Dreams

I have no idea what order I will be releasing them in.  I just know that they are plotted, the killers developed, and titles chosen.  It’s a great start to next year!

Getting the Books Sorted

I’ve been writing like mad when Lola lets me.  I’m half way through Fortified Dreams, which will come out in 2016.  I’m not entirely sure what other book I’ll put out this year, but I’m working on several.

However, I’ve got a cover for one of my 2017 books already.  That’s right.  I have the cover for a book that won’t release until next year.  I’ve had an idea for a book for a while and just haven’t written it.  So, last night, instead of writing on Fortified, I began developing the basic plot for Ritual Dreams.

Here’s the hope for 2017:

6 Dreams novels (Ritual will be one of them, cover reveal to come at another time)

3 Death Demon Trilogy Novels (the Cassie Strachan series)

and 3 unknowns that might honestly turn out to contain one or more Dreams novels.

To do this is going to require some organization.  I’m going to have to do some serious plotting (especially the Death Demon Trilogy).  I can write a novel in a month, but I have to put my nose to grindstone to do it.

The interesting thing is that my readers will probably have multiple books available for pre-order at one time.  I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt me or my readers.  That’s a lot of books to buy next year and at $3.99 a book, well, if a reader bought every book, it would cost them $48 just on my books.  I know everyone reads other authors, so I hate to cut into everyone’s book buying budget.

However, I can’t charge much less than $3.99 a book considering the costs of publishing as an indie keep going up (I’m going to need 12 cover, need 12 books edited, need some books proofread, etc)… Which is part of the reason I’m trying to work ahead some… that it takes me about 3 months to get a book written and ready for publication.

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