The Power of Amazing

I buy Jamberry, LuLaRoe, and Thirty-One.  Mostly because I love their stuff… but also because having a consultant that takes the time to deal with makes me feel amazing!  First, let me dispel a few myths…

  • It’s not a pyramid scheme.  Yes, you get people to sign up under you and you do take a percentage of what they make, but you don’t have to have anyone under you to make money and you aren’t being paid the initial investment fee of everyone under you.
  • The percentage taken by senior consultants from their junior consultants isn’t that much.
  • When you buy from a consultant’s stock, they keep any profit (usually about 30%).  If you buy from your consultant through their webstore, they make about 30%.
  • Most traditionally published authors give 80% or more of their sales to their publishers, advertisers, and agents…
  • Being a consultant is not just about pushing sales… It requires them to listen to their customers.

Ok, so that’s out of the way.  Let’s talk about the interaction that I get from my consultants.  My consultants ensure a few things happen without me asking:

  • They keep me update on new items or patterns.
  • They keep me update on specials and sales.
  • They keep me in the loop when something new is happening.

For me specifically, I need help when I shop.  I’m not a girly-girl and I can’t distinguish hues of colors.  This means anything with a pattern could essentially be a disaster and not at all what I think it is.  This is where my consultant steps in.  I can ask things like is that “purple or blue?” and “what exactly is that pattern because I’m not seeing it?”.

Furthermore, I can do this without anyone sighing at me or rolling their eyes.  Believe it or not, saleswomen in stores can get a little testy about this kind of crap.  I always try to shop with a friend, but sometimes a friend isn’t available.  I once went looking for black blouse.  I found one, it was on a rack full of colored blouses.  I asked the saleswoman just to be sure.  She confirmed it was black.  Got home, it was blue and absolutely did not go with my red and black skirt suit.  Manicurist are also not always the friendliest people on the planet.  I once asked for a manicure in purple, couldn’t tell what it was as she was applying it, but she told me it was purple… Dark red.  She just thought it would look better on me than purple and since I couldn’t really tell the color, she just went with it.

Finally, I like supporting women in business.  It sounds cliche, but I do.  I relate to them.  I technically own my own publishing house.  Knowing that I am helping other women who own their own businesses, makes me feel amazing.  Some of my consultants are stay at home moms.  Some are just trying to make some extra money.  All of them have the same goal: bettering their lives.

I admit that I have my dream job.  I get to sit around in my pajamas (or LuLaRoe leggings) and write books.  Being able to help my consultants achieve their dreams is a huge bonus.  Plus, whether it’s Amy, Trista, Sam, or Madison, I know exactly who I’m helping… They aren’t just women, they are my friends.

That is the power of amazing.



An Assortment of Things

I have several draft blog posts started, none finished.  However, I have an assortment of things to mention, so here goes (most of this is self promotion, feel free to ignore):

  • All ebooks on my Etsy site are either $0.99 or $3.25 (freebies are unfortunately, $0.20 because I must charge the listing fee, Etsy makes me).
  • Speaking of Etsy, there is now a “Tips for Authors” Section.  You can decide how much you want to tip me from $1 to $5.  In return, you get PDF versions of 2 short stories: Talked Too Much and Donnelly Clachan.
  • I do intented to get a webpage up and running that will feature a store for ebooks & print books as well as some other stuff.  I’m not sure what the other stuff will be and I can’t offer a launch date because I hate dealing with building websites.
  • Innocent Dreams and Triggered Reality will both release before the end of this year.  The Dysfunctional Wedding will release in October.  I may do a November & December release for the other two.
  • I’m still taking opening lines, scenario prompts, twist ending prompts, and ending lines for flash fiction and short stories.  These will be turned into pieces I write and put inside Terrorific Tales.
  • I will not be able to publish a book a month next year, but my goal is still six (so every 2 months). Between health issues, Lola the Destroyer, and Jude the Great Nephew there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
  • Now for the weird one:
    • I am hosting a Jamberry party to raise money for my dart league and the Springfield dart league.  The money will be used in our charity efforts (adopting families, donating to research organizations like DD Dunlop, and if we get enough, hopefully Camp Wonderland or another organization like them.  So, if you love Jamberry and want to help, contact Trista Roberts (this will give you her Facebook contact) or shop her Jamberry Site and select “CDA Fundraiser” as the party you attended at check-out.

Now I’m off to pack and work!

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