The Power of Amazing

I buy Jamberry, LuLaRoe, and Thirty-One.  Mostly because I love their stuff… but also because having a consultant that takes the time to deal with makes me feel amazing!  First, let me dispel a few myths…

  • It’s not a pyramid scheme.  Yes, you get people to sign up under you and you do take a percentage of what they make, but you don’t have to have anyone under you to make money and you aren’t being paid the initial investment fee of everyone under you.
  • The percentage taken by senior consultants from their junior consultants isn’t that much.
  • When you buy from a consultant’s stock, they keep any profit (usually about 30%).  If you buy from your consultant through their webstore, they make about 30%.
  • Most traditionally published authors give 80% or more of their sales to their publishers, advertisers, and agents…
  • Being a consultant is not just about pushing sales… It requires them to listen to their customers.

Ok, so that’s out of the way.  Let’s talk about the interaction that I get from my consultants.  My consultants ensure a few things happen without me asking:

  • They keep me update on new items or patterns.
  • They keep me update on specials and sales.
  • They keep me in the loop when something new is happening.

For me specifically, I need help when I shop.  I’m not a girly-girl and I can’t distinguish hues of colors.  This means anything with a pattern could essentially be a disaster and not at all what I think it is.  This is where my consultant steps in.  I can ask things like is that “purple or blue?” and “what exactly is that pattern because I’m not seeing it?”.

Furthermore, I can do this without anyone sighing at me or rolling their eyes.  Believe it or not, saleswomen in stores can get a little testy about this kind of crap.  I always try to shop with a friend, but sometimes a friend isn’t available.  I once went looking for black blouse.  I found one, it was on a rack full of colored blouses.  I asked the saleswoman just to be sure.  She confirmed it was black.  Got home, it was blue and absolutely did not go with my red and black skirt suit.  Manicurist are also not always the friendliest people on the planet.  I once asked for a manicure in purple, couldn’t tell what it was as she was applying it, but she told me it was purple… Dark red.  She just thought it would look better on me than purple and since I couldn’t really tell the color, she just went with it.

Finally, I like supporting women in business.  It sounds cliche, but I do.  I relate to them.  I technically own my own publishing house.  Knowing that I am helping other women who own their own businesses, makes me feel amazing.  Some of my consultants are stay at home moms.  Some are just trying to make some extra money.  All of them have the same goal: bettering their lives.

I admit that I have my dream job.  I get to sit around in my pajamas (or LuLaRoe leggings) and write books.  Being able to help my consultants achieve their dreams is a huge bonus.  Plus, whether it’s Amy, Trista, Sam, or Madison, I know exactly who I’m helping… They aren’t just women, they are my friends.

That is the power of amazing.



A Eureka! Moment?

I’ve been dealing with a migraine all week and it has varied from tolerable to making me worship the porcelain god.  Any time I have one like this, I start going through my migraine journal and I may have had a eureka moment…

Let me start by saying, I was born with my hips out of socket, both of them.  They discovered it and put them back in when I was six weeks old.  This hasn’t been a huge thing in my life.  I have arthritis in both hip joints, but it’s not bad enough for me to really notice it unless something out of the ordinary happens and then it’s just a hitch in my step.

Two year ago, when I started having problems with pain in my legs and went through the whole what the hell is wrong with me ordeal, I still didn’t think much about my hips as a baby.  Even when it turned out to be an issue with my SI joints and the nerves that run through them, I just sort of chalked it up to one of those things.  The doctor told me that my SI joints were mildly deformed, probably the result of having been born with my hips out of socket and that this was stressing the nerves running into my lower legs.

We put in nerve-blockers in November.  They wore off in the middle of March.  Not as long as we would have liked for them to last, but not surprising either.  I was told I would probably have to build up to getting a year or so of pain management out of the injections.

Now, back to the possible eureka moment.  Since getting the nerve-blockers, my migraines have seriously decreased… Far more than they did with the Botox.  And the few I had were easily manageable with a medication called Butalbital/Acetaminophen.  Butalbital is a barbiturate, barbiturates depress the central nervous system, meaning the nerves and neurons that make up the central nervous system fire fewer signals.

Which got me wondering… Is it possible that the deformation of my SI Joints, which is the area where my pelvis meets my spine, is putting pressure not just on the nerves that run into my lower legs, but possibly nerves that run up my spine or my spine itself?  If so, is it then also possible that this is the source of the majority of my migraines?

Could nerve blockers in my lower back really be the best treatment for my migraines?  It’s nearly unthinkable!  It’s just so… mind-boggling.  The deformity is very minor, a tilt of the pelvis that pushes my SI joints into a slightly different position and made them narrower than what they should be… something so insignificant that it has never been mentioned on any of the numerous X-Rays, CT Scans, or MRIs that I’ve had done.  I mean, I’ve been told my pelvis is tilted as a result of my hips being out of socket, but lots of people have a tilted pelvis for no reason at all and don’t have migraines.

And if so, what does that mean for my triggers?  Perhaps the pressure on the nerves or spine that causes my migraines somehow make my central nervous system more sensitive to normal migraine triggers – light, smells, noise, these have always been my biggest three triggers.  Is it because my central nervous system is already in overload because my SI joints and pelvis are somehow irritating it?

It is something I will have to discuss with a doctor, possibly my pain management doctor as well as my primary care physician and when/if I get a new neurologist them too… Then maybe it’s time to see a rheumotologist about it.  I have arthritis in my SI Joints as well as my hips.  Again, it’s mild and doesn’t seem to bother me, but it could be another factor that would explain why my migraines have gotten so much worse as I have gotten older.

Wow… Just wow…

When It’s Done

Yesterday, I had a long discussion about achievements with my BFF.  I will immediately point out that any discussion between her and I; whether it be important or nonsense, is treated the same.  We are the kind of people that can have deep, meaningful conversations about the strangest things.

This means that when we do discuss matters of importance, it is a bit of a information dump.  We both work in fields dominated by men – she’s in computer security and my books have been classified as horror by just about every major advertising company I’ve used as well as some of my readers.

The subject of achievements came up.  We realized rather quickly that what women consider achievements are much different than what most men consider achievements.  Let me provide you with examples from both of our jobs:

  • She fills out a daily report with her accomplishments, areas that need improvement, daily tasks, etc.  One day, she had zero accomplishments, because everything she had accomplished was essentially her job, so they went under daily tasks.  To me, that makes sense.  Her boss was concerned however, because the male assessment forms listed multiple achievements for each day.  Upon closer inspection, it was basically a checklist for getting their daily tasks accomplished.  To me, completing daily tasks is not an achievement, it’s a job requirement.
  • It’s fairly rare for me to post a daily word count.  Word counts aren’t really achievements for me, they are the daily tasks of my job.  Then I remembered several weeks ago that a male writer friend of mine had in fact done a blog post about his accomplishment of writing 10,000 words in a single day.  Which is good, but that’s about my average when I’m really engrossed in what I’m writing, so to me, that didn’t feel like much of an achievement.  It felt like a daily task… You have to add words every day (and delete them) to move a book along if you’re the author.

So what did we qualify as achievements became our next topic.

  • For her it was the big stuff; passing a SANS certification, being asked to do a web demonstration on her ultra-cool crimeware detection tools, completing projects, etc.  Nothing that is ordinary, everyday stuff.
  • For me, achievements are getting the cover art done, sending a book to the editor, finalizing it for print, and publishing it.  Everything else, I just consider part of the job. I sat down one day and wrote 17,000 words.  I got a lot done, but it didn’t feel all that important.  In other words, I wouldn’t consider it an achievement.  I did break my previous record for most words in a single day, but even that doesn’t feel like an achievement.

I’m sure there is a psychology behind it, but I’m less certain what exactly it is.  Do women just not feel they should take credit for doing their daily job?  Or for some reason, do women devalue achievements that men value?  I don’t know.  Someone should study it in depth.

Not me, I have been a busy bee and I have an achievement to share.  Triggered Reality is completely done… all the editing, all the beta reading, all the uploading to different sites, all the checking and double checking that I didn’t screw something up in the formatting, etc.  It’s finished and ready to be read by the masses or at least the people that like/love the Dreams novels.

I’ll take the next few days to clear it from my mind and then I’ll get back into Flawless Dreams.  Still expecting a May release date for it.  It is surprisingly on schedule.


Things I Couldn’t Make Up if I Tried…

On occasion, the universe throws me something so bizarre, I have no idea what to do with it.  It’s at these moments that no matter how creative I get, there are just some things I would never think up.  Here’s a short list:

  • There are geese in the park where I walk Lola the Destroyer.  Every once in a while during our walk, she will grab a mouthful of acorns, take them as close to the geese as I will allow her to get, and drop the acorns for the geese.  I haven’t a clue why. *Sidenote: the geese are not afraid of her and the closest I will let her get is about 15 feet because if they attack her, they are going to come after me as well.
  • I saw a woman dressed in a clown suit filling her cart with nothing but cases of beer and lots of cans of Redi-Whip at my local grocery store.  It was not October.
  • While shopping for my wedding dress, I overheard another bride-to-be explaining to the poofy dress picker outer from the store that she was two months pregnant and was due the same month as the wedding.  The dress lady kept trying to explain that she might want to wait to buy the dress and the bride-to-be just kept responding with it wasn’t a big deal, she’d have the baby a week or two early so she could fit back into the dress at her pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Stopped at a stop light one time and noticed that there were two women in the car next to me.  The passenger was applying makeup to the driver and also trying to style the driver’s hair.
  • When iPod came out with their broadcast your iTunes library to your radio by tuning into an unused radio channel, I was using my all the time, because I had a 30 minute commute to work and a 30 minute commute home, depending on traffic.  I’m listening to music as I go down the road and suddenly, my music is interrupted by talking.  Someone was listening to an erotica audiobook on the exact same station and for about 20 seconds, all I could hear was their intimate descriptions of thrusting.
  • I had a boss that threw a tantrum about something.  I’m sure it was trivial, but he was still kicking his desk every once in a while as if he were scoring the FIFA World Cup winning goal.  As he fumed, surprisingly not at me, I warned him that if he kicked his desk again, he’d probably break a toe.  To prove me wrong, he kicked his desk again.  I was wrong, he didn’t break a toe… He broke his desk.  The side collapsed and everything went tumbling onto the floor.  The computer monitor fell on his foot and broke it though.
  • Same boss, different day.  We get into a serious argument in his office.  The door is closed.  They can hear us shouting at each other halfway across the building. He’s swearing at me in a foreign language, which I had learned a few key words and phrases from.  I’m swearing back at him in English and threatening to quit.  We were forced to do “Couples Anger Management therapy” for 8 weeks.  When the therapist asked what we were arguing about, we both had to admit it was because we couldn’t agree on where to get take-out from.  We were working on a huge project and spent 12-15 hours a day, 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, together.  Working through lunch and dinner had become part of our routine and we regularly ordered out because neither of us could remember to bring our lunch.
  • In high school, I watched a girl shove the end of a paperclip through her nose because her mother refused to sign off on her getting a septum piercing.  She was two months away from being 18, when she could have legally gotten it sans paperclip.
  • Riding in the bed of a truck, it’s late, I’m with some friends.  One of them decides to steal the road poles.  These are orange flexible poles standing a couple of feet high that they put on roads to keep people from merging into lanes or crossing the centerline.  He reaches out, grabs one, and is promptly yanked from the bed of the truck.  His only injury is a dislocated shoulder and some scratches.  He failed to realize they were bolted into road.  This story should actually start with “Here, hold my beer” because he had been drinking, he just wasn’t drinking as we were riding down the road.
  • Finally, my SO and I were driving down the road one afternoon near Mark Twain Lake.  A male peacock crosses the road in front of us.  Near that same spot about a decade and a half earlier, I saw an orangutan cross the road.  Neither are native to Missouri.

Attacked in the Dark

I’ve had a terrible cold all week.  My face hurts from the sinus congestion.  I went to the doctor who gave me a steroid injection and told me to live on a decongestants, which has made me a little bit of a zombie and it works better during the day.  Come night time, the sinus headache and face pain get really bad, so I haven’t been sleeping at night.  I have been going to bed around 5 am and getting up around noon or 1 pm.  That’s why no one has heard from me.  However, it has lead to a very funny story…

Last night/this morning, around 3:30 am, Lola the Destroyer got up and really needed to go outside to pee.  So I put her on her leash, bundled up, even though it had warmed up to a balmy 48 degrees, and we headed outside.  I didn’t take a flashlight, my stun gun was on, but it was actually on – meaning not in flashlight mode, but stun gun mode, and my cell phone was in my pocket.  I live in a lower middle class area of town.  Crime isn’t bad, but we’ve had problems with teens breaking into cars.  Especially in the wee hours of the morning.

We get to the backyard.  It’s much darker in this part of the yard, but it doesn’t bother me to be in the dark at any time of the night.  I just don’t spook easily and I’m good in a crisis/dangerous situation.  Lola squats.  I’m kinda looking around.  I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.  Turn my head and something lands next to Lola.  Lola jumps, literally jumps, straight up into the air.  She is freaking out.  I can only see a large dark shadow.  I’m thinking large owl or hawk has landed two feet from her.

Lola is a medium sized dog.  She’s sixty pounds, most of it muscle, and she has long teeth.  She can handle herself.  However, a large owl or hawk could inflict some damage.  Plus, there’s a conservation area just south of Columbia about three miles where Bald Eagles are making a comeback.  Now, if you have ever seen a Bald Eagle up close, they are large enough to eat my dog.

The dark shadow is fairly good sized and it scoots a couple of inches.  So I’m digging for my cell phone for the flashlight while trying to get it to fly away.  I move up on it, stun gun at the ready.

It’s a friggin’ box.  It has been tremendously windy with this warm front coming through (it was 8 on Saturday, 60 this morning, and we are expecting an ice storm on Friday).  Windy enough that it picked up a large cardboard box from somewhere, flew it through the air – above the level of my head, and managed to plop it down right next to Lola the Destroyer.

Needless to say, it took a little while to get Lola calmed down.  And I had to chide myself on nearly stun gunning a box.

And I Do That How Exactly?

Day 2 of physical therapy and I was given a new exercise.  I am supposed to flex and hold my transversus abdominis for 5 seconds.  It sounds all well and good.  You flex and hold, release, flex and hold, release.  That’s the theory of it anyway.

I’m finding the execution to be problematic.

First, this is the muscle that runs from hip to hip on the front of your body in your lower abdomen.

Second, this is not a muscle we think about… ever.

Third, consciously trying to flex it is a little bit like using the force.

I may have gotten it a few times, but mostly, I flexed my obliques, the muscles in my butt, back, and everything except the transversus abdominis.  At one point, I even managed to flex the muscles in my shoulder blades trying to get this specific muscle to flex.  No, my shoulder blades are nowhere near my front abdomen at hip level, but that’s what happened anyway.

I was told that if I  was having trouble to try lying face down or on my knees, because this makes it easier.

It, in fact, was not easier.  I just found myself flexing different muscles, like my hamstrings and the quadriceps.  I even managed to stop breathing for a few seconds when I flexed really hard and my diaphragm refused to inflate because the muscles were taut.  I’ve always been a diaphragm breather, so that was rather alarming for a moment.  If multiple stints in physical therapy has taught me anything, it’s that not everyone in the world uses their diaphragm to breathe, they use a different muscle.  I don’t remember what it’s called, I just know that it was explained to me when I was in junior high and had done something stupid to my muscles in my chest.  I still don’t understand it because I still don’t understand how people breathe without using their diaphragm.

I’ve had a few moments where I wondered if I actually had this particular muscle.  Then suddenly it will flex and I won’t know how or why, I just know that I have proof that it exists… but I can’t repeat on command.

The cortisone shot I received on Thursday is working. I was a little sore after doing all my exercises, but I didn’t feel the need to cry, scream, swear loudly and uncontrollably, or start hacking bits off myself.  Also, my life is ruled by the law of unintended consequences.  Yesterday evening, I found that I was mostly pain free thanks to the cortisone and oxycodone and that I was suddenly ravenously hungry.  But this was past dinner time, it was actually about midnight.  Eating at such a late hour would mean impeding my sleep.  But my stomach growling was doing much the same thing.  Decisions, decisions… Which is why I’m writing a blog post at 2:36 am that won’t post until 9ish.  I gave in at 12:30 and had a snack.  I need about 2 to 3 hours after eating before I go lay down or I will suffer heartburn that mimics a heart attack, even with antacids.

But at least I was finally very hungry and I have a feeling, I’m going to sleep just fine tonight.  It’s been awhile since I got a good night’s sleep.

PS: Transversus abdominis sounds like a dinosaur.


Do All Doctors Think The Worst?

So, I had a nerve test this morning.  Some hypersensitivity in the nerves of my right leg, not a huge issue, but a small one and it might explain why my pain is so intense.

The final conclusion after all of this is:

  • One bulging disc, but it’s minor.
  • One degenerating disc, not as minor
  • Strain of the lumbar ligaments
  • Tearing of the lumbar fascia
  • Strain of the right lumbosacral spine
  • Nerve hypersensitivity in back, SI Joints, and right leg – most likely a neurological problem (also explains why my brain interprets cold as pain)

Some of this needs to be treated with physical therapy and some of it needs to be treated with injections of cortisone.  Okay.  I can live with that…

What I can’t live with is the interim.  I sleep less than 5 hours a night due to pain.  Most nights, it’s less than 4 hours.  I feel nauseated half the time possibly because I have a constant headache that is always bordering on a migraine.

I’m having a really hard time focusing to work.  I have trouble driving.  I have trouble doing household chores.  Most days, I just want to cry because of the pain.

Then I’m depressed because I can’t do much.  However, he doesn’t want to treat the pain that is making me miserable because over the next 6 weeks, it will get better thanks to physical therapy.

What the fuck kind of decision is that?!  If a patient is in your office, crying because they can’t hardly function due to pain, and your decision is to not treat the immediate problem to improve quality of life… Should you really be a doctor?

This is kinda like the Tramadol argument we had.  He prescribed 50mg Tramadol.  I told him it didn’t help and I take 100mg of Sumatriptan when I have a migraine, which I can’t take if I’m on Tramadol.  Yet, he refused to prescribe anything but 50mg Tramadol.  I also informed him that Tramadol was one of the few drugs that gave me rebound migraines… Still wouldn’t prescribe anything but 50mg Tramadol.

I have a few Ketorolac tablets (Toradol in pill form).  They tear my stomach up, even with food, but they do relieve some of the pain (from a 10 to about a 9), which is more than Tramadol or Tylenol does… So, I’m guessing I will take one of those after lunch today and see if I can finish my goddamn laundry.

I know people that get hundreds of oxycodone tablets a month for things like migraines and fucking TMJ (which I have a severe case of), yet I can’t get a prescription to last me a week for back pain that is so bad, I can’t work or ride in a car and driving is a special form of torture…

Another Round of Stupid Comments/Questions

It’s been a little while since I blogged, but I’ve been very busy trying to write.  So, here’s another round of Stupid Things I Get Asked:

Do you write your books on post-it notes? – No.  I don’t even plot with Post-It notes, it would be impossible to write an entire book on them.

I’m confused.  I thought Aislinn Cain died in Butchered Dreams, so how are there more books? – I have just become as confused as them… Where does Aislinn die in Butchered Dreams?

Do you ever worry that putting all your ideas into books will make you forgetful? – Um, what?

You know gay marriage is legal in Missouri now, right?  – Yep, but I’m not entirely sure why you are pointing this out to me.

If I write a book about the end of the world and it happens, am I liable? – What exactly are the chances that the world will end because it gets taken over by werewolves?  Also, if it does happen, I think we will all be too busy running from the werewolves to take you to court over it. (Now, insert Wisconsin joke here)

Do I need to put a period after every sentence? – As opposed to what, exactly?  I’m pretty sure the rule is every sentence that doesn’t end in ? or ! requires a period.

Congrats!  I heard you sold 20 books.  You know, I’ve sold about 700.  Did they buy all your series? – That was 20 books on B&N in one day (B&N customers seem to hate me).

Thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to contact your proofer, Pen Smith.  I hope he’s really good.  Does he mind reading romance? – My proofer is a lady… and her name is Krissy, not Pen.  And I had already told the writer 5 times that SHE did proof romance and sent her to her webpage.

I tried to contact your cover artist, but she lives in Canada and I don’t think I can hire a Canadian.  Isn’t that the same as hiring an illegal alien? – I’m fairly certain Angela with Covered Creatively is in Canada legally.

I have a job, can I still write a book or will that get me in trouble?  – Trouble with who?

I just finished all The Dysfunctional Chronicles and I really liked them, but I don’t understand why all your books are so violent.  Did you grow up in a war zone or have PTSD? – Well, I don’t consider Missouri a war zone and my experience with traumatic events is limited, so I don’t think I have PTSD.  Can’t a lady just like a little violence?

I loved all the Dreams and Reality books, are you going to write more of them?  Nadine Daniels is awesome and I love her Great Danes.  Also, I’d like to read more of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Aislinn Cain is great. – I think you are very confused about my books as well as the books by J.R. Ward.

You talk a lot about the plague, but I’ve never heard of it.  What’s the plague?  Do you think that is going to be the start of the apocalypse? – Uh…

Why don’t you write a book about a guy travels the world in a crop duster that inseminates people with alien babies? – Why don’t you write it?

A Long One:

Them: I’m done with my book.  I was hoping you’d say it was okay to send it to you.  I know you like horror and I wrote a book about a woman who gets trapped in a mirror and has to get out. 

Me: Do you want me to beta read it?

Them: Oh no, nothing like that.  I need it edited, I need a cover, I need someone to put it up on all the sites.

Me:  Okay, you want me to act as a publisher?

Them: Yes!  I figure about $200 should cover all your costs plus give you some extra.

Me: The cover alone is going to cost $150.  Editing is going to be about $600.  Then it will need a proofer and that’s going to cost you based on how many words it is.  If you want it formatted for all the sites, that’s going to be close to $100.  So, I’ll give you all the contact information for the people I use, but I’m not going to act like a publisher, especially not for a $100.

Them:  Well, I know it will be a bestseller, so I’m going to send it to you anyway.  You can read and decide if want to help me or not.

Me (six days later):  I read your book.  It’s six thousand words long and the main character changes her name 10 times.  Also, you never explained why she got trapped in a mirror or how she got out.  In the first few lines, she was sucked in like Alice and then in the last paragraph she was tossed out like Alice.  I think it needs some serious work.

Them: You aren’t very helpful and I don’t know why you are being so mean.  Every friend who read it said it was great.  I’ll go talk to someone else.


I’ve been having a hard time lately.  My mother and I have Jude the Great Nephew every day.  I do what I can to assist her, but sometimes I feel like it isn’t enough.  Doing chores around the house is sort of like torture.  I don’t enjoy anything I do; not even darts or playing with Lola the Destroyer.  All of it because I hurt all the time.

However, the big one: I can’t find my funny and I’m struggling to get anything written, let alone anything funny.  This is officially interfering with my every day life.  Something has got to be done.

I don’t feel “sad” like one excepts when the word “depression” is mentioned.  I feel indifferent and blah.  I feel worthless because I can’t do much.  A trip to the grocery store causes my spine to start popping and once that happens, the very act of walking is a challenge.

Yesterday, I cancelled plans with my best friend.  Plans I had been looking forward to for months.  If I was a crier, I probably would have cried.  Unfortunately, I’m not and that’s part of the problem.

If I cried every time I went to the doctor’s office, they might do more to manage my pain.  If I wasn’t so pain tolerant, they might also do more.  However, I can tell them how much I hurt, but it doesn’t sink in because I can still stand up and walk around and considering how much those activities hurt, I shouldn’t be.

Most days, I’d put my pain at a 9.  I feel nauseated by the time evening arrives because I hurt and I’m exhausted.  And it’s more than just my back that hurts.  My legs hurt.  My feet tingle.  Neither feels like it should be able to support my weight.  But my 9 and everyone else’s 9 seems to be different.  Most people can’t function at a 9.  I can.  I can function at a 10.  I cut the tip of my finger off with a pair of scissors, it got a 4 despite the fact that I don’t really have a fingerprint left because of the scarring.  The last ovarian cyst I had rupture was 15 centimeters by 9 centimeters.  Considering an ovary is about a centimeter, it was huge – it got a 6.  It dumped something like 800cc of fluid into my abdomen.  I did go to the ER, but only because I knew it had been huge and I was worried it had damaged something, like an ovary, when it ruptured.  However, I’ve gotten used to cysts, even large cysts, on my ovaries, so most of the time, I don’t bother with the ER or even a doctor.

Oddly, I’ll bawl over a papercut though, but I didn’t even flinch the last time I dislocated my shoulder.  One of those things hurts a whole lot more than the other.  I even put my shoulder back in by myself with little more than a grunt.

Yet, I feel like a junkie looking for a fix when I go into the doctor’s office and start demanding narcotics (I can’t take NSAIDS and steroids kinda bother my stomach too).  So, most of the time, I don’t advocate for them.  I ask about alternative methods to handle the pain.

However, the alternative method this time is doing nothing.  I have an appointment this morning.  I’m actually at it as this blog post publishes.  Hopefully, I can find some sort of relief soon… I need to advocate better for myself.  I’m great at doing it for others, I don’t know why I can’t do it for myself.

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easy reading is damn hard writing

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