Not A Choice

I was unfortunately 10 when I hit puberty, it was dreadful, as only puberty can be. Last night, I got to thinking about it, because I was reading the news. Between the ages of 10 and 20, I never once thought “you know what, I’ve decided I’m going to be sexually attracted to men.” My preference is for tall, smart, men and the taller and smarter the better. I didn’t choose this, it just is. My husband can do calculus in his head and he’s 6’1″… and I find that incredibly attractive and I can’t tell you why I find that attractive, but I do. It was certainly not a conscious decision, I didn’t reach sixteen and decide my future romantic prospects had to be over 6 feet tall and capable of doing complicated math in their head. Since I don’t know a single person who “chose” traits they would find sexually attractive and many are significant than my own personal desires in a romantic partner, I’ve reached a conclusion. Society needs to stop treating sexuality as a choice. Sexuality is a genetic trait and biological imperative. People do not chose to be LBGTQ+, they just are, in the same way the majority of the population just is “heterosexual” and attracted to the opposite sex.

This was brought on by a news article about several country music stars calling for a boycott Anheiser-Busch because they have partnered with a TikTok trans star to celebrate her trans birthday. I’m all for it and if I drank beer, I’d stock my fridge with AB products because I think it’s great they want to celebrate someone’s trans birthday. She no more “decided” she didn’t want to be a boy than I decided I wanted to be heterosexual. Something in her DNA made her mentally female but physically male.

One of the stars is Travis Tritt, I was never big into country music, I prefer rock, but I am very familiar with country music and it is my husband’s preference. Should we boycott Travis Tritt because his genetics dictate he go bald, but he rose to fame on the premise of being an Outlaw Country star with long hair?

No, because that’s ridiculous. We don’t boycott people because they are going bald. However, because our society treats sexuality as a choice, we do punish the LGBTQ+ community even though all evidence points to sexuality being genetic.

Think about your own sexuality. We all have a person or two in our life of the gender we are attracted to that we occasionally think “Person X is great and I should be sexually attracted to them.” But kissing them would be like kissing your sibling, because no matter how much you love them, they do absolutely nothing for your libido. No amount of fantasizing about that person is ever going trigger sexual arousal, despite making a conscious and decisive decision that it should. If you can’t force yourself to be attracted to a person, then it’s not a choice. There’s something biological and most likely genetic (in you) that dictates you will never become aroused by that person. That is the reaction of heterosexuals to members of their own gender as well. you may love each and every one of your best friends enough that you’d kill for them, but you wouldn’t have sex with them, because they just don’t trigger any tingle in your libido. Hell if you’re like the fictional Aislinn Cain, then no person under the sun will ever trigger that tingle in her libido, and that is also not a choice, it’s a biological imperative for her.

Why would anyone “chose” to be different especially in something so decisive and dividing as sexuality? They don’t. Their genetic disposition dictates their sexuality be different than the majority who are heterosexual. Or it dictates that their mental gender is not the same as their physical gender, which is also not the majority.

Here’s the scary part for people who want to think of the LGBTQ+ community as an abomination; we don’t know what genes determine sexuality, most likely its a large combination of genes across multiple DNA strands working together and this means anyone can be born LGBTQ+. As a result, society’s current treatment of the LGBTQ+ community amounts to ostracizing people who have inherited the genetic combination that makes them lose their hair.

One thought on “Not A Choice

  1. If I drank beer, I’d definitely buy AB, too. The morons who invent culture wars to increase their donations and stoke hate to gain political points simply use there bigotry to deflect from the reality that they have nothing positive to contribute to society. One thing they learned from history is that finding scapegoat groups is an easy way to feel superior in their own mediocrity.

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