A stent and life changes

After eight days, the hospital released my mom on Saturday.

Wednesday of last week, the doctors (the nephrologist lobbied for it) put a stent into the arterial branch that feeds blood to my mom’s kidney and within twelve hours it was functioning again. Even the cardiac surgeon was shocked the stent helped, because there was only a tiny occlusion (blockage). However, it did work and she regained partial function in her solitary kidney.

There will still be dialysis with an unknown frequency or duration. Dialysis will help with the physical stress on that kidney. The hope is she will only need dialysis once a week and it could be for several months or the rest of her life.

All this means big changes for the household as we all adjust to my mom’s new limitations.


3 thoughts on “A stent and life changes

  1. Glad ur mom is doing ok ,,watched and took my mom for dialysis 3and1/2 yrs fighting to keep her with us ..Its a hard battle to watch our loved ones fight ,,I hope everything goes well for ur family..

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