Bam! Just Like That….

I’ve been struggling to write D&R because I couldn’t get in the head of the last three killers I created. As a result, it would take hours to write a single paragraph and the book just wasn’t moving along. I scrapped two of those three killers and put the book ideas on “in progress but waiting” status.

One night last week, I was lying in bed playing a game on my phone and listening to an audiobook called Quackery by Lydia Kang. The book is non-fiction history of medicine (it’s very good, I highly recommend if you like history). I was not thinking about D&R at all. As a matter of fact, I’d spent the day writing on NN7… Anyway I swapped two gems in the game to make a powerup and bam; there it was….

At 12:27 am, I got out of bed and returned to my office; booted the laptop because just like that, I was in the head of the killer. I wrote until 1:39 am… and I’d written 3,083 words in that hour and I had the first killer chapter plus some of the first Marshals chapter plus an outline of what I needed to write the next morning.

The following day I added another 8,000 words; it’s moving right along now.

6 thoughts on “Bam! Just Like That….

  1. Well, after reading about it, I see it’s more about strange things they used to prescribe than the way medicine evolved when the pharmaceutucal companies started funding it, but it sounds very interesting.


  2. So happy to hear this. I reread the entire series regularly hoping for the next book. Keep up the good work and hope to see the book soon


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