Dear Autocorrect, WTAF!?

Last night I typed this text: I tripped over a dolly. Autocorrect decided dolly was not the correct word and what I meant to type was I tripped over a cat.

I did not misspell cat by spelling dolly… Dolly in no way resembles the word cat. They have exactly zero letters in common and they don’t even have the same number of letters. The word dog would have been a better replacement than cat…

I’m used to Autocorrect making all of us sound like morons, but this one is the second worst autocorrect issue I’ve ever seen. The first was in 1997 when Spellcheck in Microsoft Office (I was typing an email in Outlook) changed the word discs into dicks in an email to my boss. Thankfully, he found it hilarious. However, at least the words disks and dicks are similar… cat and dolly are not.

And yes, I tripped over a dolly lying in a yard last night. I did not trip over a cat, that probably wouldn’t have left a bruise on my shin. Who leaves a dolly lying in their yard? Worse it was a dark colored dolly in a very dark yard and even after I hit the ground and rolled over, I couldn’t see it well enough to figure out what it was… I had to get up and turn my phone flashlight on it to see it.


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