Codex Pandemonium (NN 6)

Friday November 18, 2022 I finished writing Codex Pandemonium – Nephilim Narratives Book 6. November 25, 2022 I intend to start writing Nephilim Narratives book 7 (in progress title is Codex Asmodeus) and Psychic Dreams. I will come back to writing Stalker Dreams when the crappy thing is a little less raw and I don’t feel like crying every time I think about writing another D&R book.

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holiday. I will not be writing for a week as I need to prepare for Thanksgiving Thursday (bathing the dogs is my least favorite item on my to do list this week and possibly the most challenging). Aside from torturing Lola and Kelly with a bath, I’ll need to deep clean the house and Wednesday and Thursday I will cook until we serve the meal.

I started a post last week about Kelly, she is such a weird dog. J goes to bed between 8 and 9pm during the week. Kelly goes to bed with him for about 5 minutes. Then she gets up, finds my mom and glares at her… Kelly will sit and glare at my mom until my mom finally goes to bed. This is extra weird because Kelly does not go to bed with my mom nor does she sleep with her. When mom does give in and go to bed, Kelly jumps into the spare room bed and goes to sleep. So why does my mom also have to go to bed? We have no clue.

In December I am going to bring back the new releases mailing list. I forgot that my mailing list died in early 2020 for reasons unknown to me… so in December I intend to get it back up and running.

5 thoughts on “Codex Pandemonium (NN 6)

  1. Can’t wait for NN6! I hope the new med is doing what is supposed to with no side effects. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s great to hear from you!💟

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    1. At this time I have no intention of ending the series, but after 19 books I sometimes struggle with ideas for new books or a book I’m writing goes totally off the rails as Stalker Dreams did… and I have to regroup my thoughts on the prospective book or come up with a new idea.


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