I Did A Weird Thing…

I am currently working to remove passive voice, vary pacing, and change up some overused words from a book I wrote this summer that remains untitled.

It’s a weird thing though. It’s a mystery with clues and things (also a little comedy), but it turned out to be a semi-romantic mystery.

Don’t expect nudity or passionate kisses, it’s old fashioned romance not jumping in and out of the sack with the love interest on page 20.

I think the story is good. I also like the characters, they turned out better than expected. I’d classify it as supernatural cozy mystery. The female lead can interact with the dead and teams up with a cop to solve a murder. It’s been done, but not by me and I hope that’s enough to make it somewhat unique.

It also lacks my signature gore and violence. My goal is to finish the revisionist editing and send it to my friend to help me insert more funny and get a general idea of how it reads to someone not in my head.

It was fun to write. I started it after scrapping Stalker Dreams for excessive “shark jumping.” (Google shark jumping if you don’t get the reference).

I don’t know when I’ll release it. I might like it and my friend tell me it’s dreadful and incapable of being salvaged so I’m playing it by ear.

4 thoughts on “I Did A Weird Thing…

  1. I like that you seem to be challenging yourself, though I wonder too how much of this is preparing to fill the void of another series that you’d like to end. However, I know romance isn’t really your thing and I’m curious and kind of excited to see how it comes out!


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