Writing & Dogs

I have been very busy writing on 2 books. The next D&R novel and a “dramatic comedy.” The last couple of months, we’ve encountered some doggy health problems. Kelly has a dilated kidney which causes her to have pee accidents particularly when she’s sleeping and she’s been put on daily medication for it. And then Lola’s pain medication just stopped working and we’ve been searching for an alternative to that.

I backed up QuickBooks last week to give to my accountant and then there was a disaster. I lost the backup. When I went to get another backup there’d been a QuickBooks update. Now the C drive of my computer is tiny and full… I had installed QuickBooks on my D drive and they’ve disabled that functionality again which makes it impossible for me to run QuickBooks again. I am now busy recreating my 2021 financial paperwork on my husband’s computer.

So, the economic problems have finally reached me. For a couple of months now, I’ve been listening to some writers complain about a drop in revenue due to inflation. The last two months have proven it’s hit me as well… and my monthly income has taken a significant hit. I am now considering applying for a second job… maybe I can work from home doing customer service over the phone or something.

The July 4th holiday was nightmarish. The fireworks were so bad they even bothered Kelly. So, Lola, Kelly, and I spent most of the last 5 days in my office although I was only forced to eat one meal at my desk. Okay back to work.


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