Summoning Trouble

Beta Readers: If you found nothing that needed changing in Summoning Trouble please open the document and on the title page write No Changes and save the document. Remember to have them back to me by 11:59 pm tonight May 6th.

I hope to have the book available for purchase by Tuesday May 10, 2022. Once it has published, I will create a blog post with the links in it.

8 thoughts on “Summoning Trouble

  1. I finished last night so it’s not a problem, but we usually get 2 weeks instead of 1. Did you send any notifications that it was just 1 week this time? If so, I didn’t get anything.


  2. My bad! I just reread the blog where you said you’d given it to us. The last part where you give the due date must not have registered in my brain as only 1 week. Sorry!


      1. I don’t know why it stopped notifying people of stuff being added to their folders, but that is why I usually do a blog post and tell people. Go ahead and start it now and try to get it back to me next Friday.


      2. Coffeedogsbooks, I have the same exact problem with Dropbox. It hasn’t given me notifications in years so I really rely on Hadena notifying us through her blog that she’s getting ready to drop a book in the folder. Dropbox has been absolutely no help whatsoever when it comes to trying to figure out what’s going on.


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