Editing Summoning Trouble Update

So the first editor returned Summoning Trouble to me over a week ago and I have slowly been struggling to get it edited. So Microsoft defaults comments text to 8 point font and it can’t be enlarged… and I can’t read 8 point font anymore. I attempted to zoom my Word document until the 8 point font was readable, but that means I can only see half a page of text… the right half (where the comment boxes are). And that is a problem. To effectively make changes to clarify an idea, I have to see both the comment and the text it’s referencing.

I am starting to think this eyesight issue is why I suddenly started to hate editing in 2020. I have always loved the editing process until then, which is why I was surprised when I suddenly started hating it.

Today and this week, I am addressing the comments where all the referenced text is on the right side of the page near the comment box. Last week I ordered a magnifier screen for my laptop. It’s not set to be delivered until the 18th of March once it arrives I will go through and address the comments I skipped because I couldn’t see all the text and the comment at the same time. This sounds super confusing describing it, so I have included a few pictures to illustrate the problem. I am hoping by March 22nd I will have it ready to send to the second round of editors. The comments are the stuff on the side of the screenshot that says Kris Smith above them. The text it references is the stuff highlighted in red in the main text body (to the left of the comment).

These two comments are easily addressed. Comment 1 on this page is in reference to a Proper Name which is entirely visible on the right side of the page along with the comment and since the capitalization is correct, it can be ignored. The second comment can also be ignored because BCE (Before Common Era) is correct and I dislike the use of BC and AD because I have a history degree.

This comment is more difficult. Since I can’t see the entire sentence along with the comment on the page, I can’t tell what she wants me to do. This means this comment will need to wait until I can bring my zoom back down to 100% and see the entire page along with the comment to fix it. And sadly, without being able to see the sentence, I’m not actually sure what she thinks needs to be done here. I find if I read the comment and then scroll over to read the entire sentence, removing the comment from view, I still struggle to understand what she wants done. I need to see both in their entirety to understand what needs to be done.

I continue to work on Summoning Trouble. I am still hopeful I can publish it in May, especially since I have an exquisite cover for it.

One thought on “Editing Summoning Trouble Update

  1. Hello, I hope the magnifier worked out for you. I had an idea when I reread this post. Could you use say a 32″ or little bigger tv as your screen? I know for me it makes all the difference.
    Just a thought.


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