Dear Attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt

I’ve been listening to your press conferences lately and I have a suggestion. Instead of wasting money by suing school districts who implement mask mandates why don’t you put that money towards funding a study that explains why Sars-Cov-19 is the only pneumatic virus where mask wearing does not decrease the spread of the virus? I am serious about this.

  • Pneumonia – mask wearing decreases the spread.
  • Influenza – mask wearing decreases the spread.
  • Tuberculosis – mask wearing (is required while in public in all states of the US if a person has tested positive) because it decreases the spread.
  • Measles – mask wearing decreases the spread.
  • Rhinoviruses – even the group of viruses that cause the common cold are affected by mask wearing.
  • SARS (sars-cov2) – mask wearing decreases the spread.

As someone who used to work in epidemiology and is required to wear a mask in medical establishments where doctors work (not attorneys)… why is sars-cov-19 different? I really need this explained to me since the Missouri Department of Health & Human services (ya know the place that does the epidemiology work for the State of Missouri) issued a report by accident that claims mask wearing prevents the spread of virus that causes COVID_19. You do remember the study the government effectively hid right?

Please explain to me why sars-cov-19 is different? Because the very idea of it is illogical. And as someone who lives in one of those school districts being sued… I want to know why you are going to force me to pay higher school taxes in a few years to cover the costs of this frivolous lawsuit.

PS: I agree with the school district. The rate of COVID among students and staff decreased significantly while mask mandates were in effect, despite your claims and have skyrocketed since the mandates were removed because of your lawsuit threats. In a single week, our school district needed 900+ substitute teachers due to teacher absences caused by illness and could only scrounge up about 400. So explain to me again how masks do not prevent the spread of sars-cov 19?

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