2022 – Up and Running Away

A lot has happened the last two weeks… 2022 definitely started off rough. Yesterday, I stared at NN5 for 3 hours without typing a single word and it dawned on me…

I can’t write this right now.

The 5th Nephilim Narrative starts with an attempted abduction and murder. As someone who writes crime fiction, sometimes real life intrudes on my creativity, writing a fictional abduction and murder on the heels of my father-in-law’s death and disappearance of my niece’s mom is just a little too emotionally close at the moment.

The thing is, I don’t think I can put my focus in a D&R novel right now either. Someone suggested I take a week off to deal with my emotions, but I’ve been mostly not working for the last month and I feel like I need to work.

This means I have 2 options. I can plot out a new Nephilim Narrative with a different plot and shelve this specific plot for a little while or I can try writing something completely different. Either way, I’ll end up spending a few days plotting.

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