If It Weren’t For Bad Luck….

In 2002, my grandmother passed away leaving me a ruby and gold ring that she paid nearly $6,000 for in the 1970s. She left it to me because I was in college and she figured if I ran into financial trouble, I could sell it to help pay for my education. I didn’t need to sell it to finish college. However, after 2 months of small royalty checks, I decided to see what I could get for the ring.

I took it to 2 places today and if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. The rubies are real, but they are small and the ring is just slightly worth more than $0 and that’s because it has a gold band. I was told my best bet was to list it online and sell it for aesthetic appeal if I wanted to get more than $100 out of it. Well… wow, the universe went to a lot of trouble setting that up, because the ring was bought even before my parents realized they were having me.

My conclusion is that my grandmother got swindled all those years ago by a jeweler in Grand Rapids, Michigan, because she bought it under the impression it had 12 half carat rubies and one diamond in it and it does have the diamond and 12 rubies, but they are unlikely to be a half carat each. I haven’t decided if I’m more angry or depressed by this revelation, but I’m definitely feeling the Universe hates me.

2 thoughts on “If It Weren’t For Bad Luck….

  1. Oh… so sorry! That sucks.
    My mom sent my grandmother’s ring out to have the setting fixed and the diamond was switched. But she didn’t know it for years until she took it to another jeweler for setting work again.


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