We had a very busy weekend (dart tournament). We thankfully avoided the worst of the storms both at home and where we were located. While Kentucky was the hardest hit by far, Missouri had six tornado warnings issued that night and I’ve heard Defiance, Missouri lost nearly 35% of it’s structures and while there were injuries, they managed to have no fatalities.

Because I have trouble working when we go to dart tournaments (there are a ton of interruptions throughout the day), I did not achieve any increase in word counts. I did get quite a bit done on my crocheting though and I may get the majority of my crochet to do list done this next week, which would be good.

I’m not sure how much work I’ll manage to get done today. The bed in our hotel room was broken and we slid to the middle when we lay down on it. This coupled with the fact that I am sure every spring in the bed was attempting to stab me, meant I slept on the couch all weekend in our room. In September I suddenly began struggling to sleep through noises, the doctor told me it was hormones and probably wouldn’t be the last major annoying change I would experience over the next handful of years. But it did make sleeping in a noisy hotel more of a challenge. And of course, we get a room close to the dart hall and everyone knows we are in that room, which makes it worse because as drunken dart players wander past our room at 4 am, they stop to give it a brief rapping or banging… That happened all three nights of the tournament and so all three nights of the tournament I was awakened at some point in the wee hours of the morning because some jerk beat on our door as they walked past.

I got a good night’s sleep on Sunday night, at home, but I’m still feeling tired and rundown from the weekend and my brain doesn’t feel like it’s engaging any time soon… so today may be a crochet and listen to books day with the occasional video game break while I let my hands rest. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get back to it.

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