The Wednesday Revelation

Over the summer the nose pad on the right side of my glasses started hurting my nose. But it’s summer and I’ve never worn glasses before, so it’s probably the heat and the extra sweating. Once the temps cool down it will stop. Except it didn’t. Tuesday, I had a big red spot and small scab on the right side of my nose from my glasses and I couldn’t get back into the place where I got them to get them adjusted. J said why don’t you call the ophthalmologist I used… so I did. I explained to the woman who answered the phone what was going on with my nose and told her my husband was a patient and she told me to bring them in any time and they would gladly adjust them for me.

Wednesday I went in and sat down across from the tech and we began to talk about the problem and she said “I don’t think that’s the only problem. You are using the bottom of your glasses to look at me and not the middle, this usually happens when they don’t mark the pupil location correctly.” I gave her my glasses and she examined them. “So not only did they mark your pupil location a smidge too low, but they didn’t cut your lenses properly for these frames. When you clean them do they feel like they are going to come out?”

As a matter of fact, they do… and once the left lens has come out and I popped it back in.

“Yeah, it appears they cut the lenses about one millimeter too small for these frames, which results in the lenses being loose. I will make some adjustments to the nose pad, but I think because your pupil location is incorrect you are pushing your glasses too far up your nose and this constant pushing has bent the nose pad holder and it will bend again.”

Huh, that makes sense, sometimes I find my eyelashes brushing the lens because it’s more comfortable closer to my face. I had already made an appointment to switch my care to J’s ophthalmologist in February. Last year at my exam, I was told I had a freckle on my iris and it should be monitored yearly. I told her about my appointment and she said “well, I hate to tell you this, but there is no way our doctors are going to let you keep these glasses. Due to the ill-fitting lenses and the pupil location being too low, they are already showing a lot of wear, probably from where you’ve pushed on them repeatedly with force to make them feel comfortable. We might be able to just cut new lenses, but given I would have guessed you’d had these frames for a couple of years already, they may also want you to get new frames.”

Great. My vision insurance will only pay for new frames and lenses every 3 years unless my prescription changes. I am hoping if the doctor explains why I require new lenses and frames after only a year, my insurance will go ahead and cover them, but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath. Of course, seeing the bang up job they did last year with my glasses I am starting to have questions about whether my prescription is correct because when I’m doing a lot of reading (like when I edit a book), I still have to enlarge the screen. Microsoft Word default is set to zoom to 125% and Adobe Acrobat is 175%. I find reading and writing on my phone difficult. Some of it is Autocorrect, but some of it is me, I just can’t always make out the words if there’s lots of small text on the screen.

4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Revelation

  1. That sucks! I’d be contacting the people who screwed up your glasses and tell them you need a new pair.

    I got a completely wrong prescription one time. Like, so totally off it had to be sometime else’s, but I knew the first time I put them on.


  2. The place you purchased them from should replace them for free. They should have noticed when they put them on you when they arrived. They are also responsible for the incorrect measurements.

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