Crochet and Writing

For those that have followed me for a while, you will be aware that I like to crochet at least a few Christmas gifts every year. I try to make gifts for my close friends as well as some of my family members and I do love to crochet. Normally, I crochet while watching TV in the evenings. This year, I fell behind on my crochet schedule and I realized I was going to have to dedicate some writing days to crocheting if I was going to get everything done.

Sunday, as I sat at my computer working I had a bright idea; maybe I can crochet while dictating to Microsoft Word. I can then transfer from Word to my writing programs at the end of the day.

And so Monday, I got it all set up. My crochet bag at my feet in my office, dictation headphones plugged in and Word’s dictation. I wrote 5,000 words using dictation on 2 different books and I got 37 rows down on a project I’m crocheting. I spent Tuesday baking and didn’t get much writing or crocheting done. But Wednesday, I was productive.

I am slower with dictation than typing. I type between 120 and 150 words a minute when I’m in a writing groove. I do not dictate that fast, especially since the debacle last year. Last year I dictated part of a chapter of Nephilim Narrative 4 and my editor Krissy spent weeks trying to sort it out and she told me if I ever did it again she was quitting. This time, I am dictating a few paragraphs and then stopping to go through them and make sure weird shit isn’t being written on the page.

I have set a goal of 4,000 dictated words a day. I am writing on Nephilim Narrative 5 and a lady detective novel set in England during WWI.

2 thoughts on “Crochet and Writing

  1. Is any more of your dreams and reality books coming on audible. Your last book competitive dream I loved another winner.


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