The Mystery of the Socks

I got one editor’s revisions back at 4 Friday afternoon. So I am spending my weekend working and hope to publish Competitive Dreams by Black Friday. However, a sock mystery arose while I was working this morning and I decided I need to share it.

So, if I could have permanent socks on my feet I would. I hate that I have to take my socks off to sleep (and this is a recent thing, I used to sleep in them every night) and I hate that I have to take them off to shower. I love wearing socks. I feel weird when I’m not wearing them. So I’m going from change to change in Competitive Dreams when J walks in to my office to ask me why I am putting my socks under the computer table in the living room?

What? He tells me they have to be mine or my niece’s because they are “fun socks”. Okay, I’m not disputing they are mine (I have distinctive socks when I can), I am wondering why the hell they are in the basement? A) the basement is cool. B) I wear shoes from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed and this requires socks, therefore I wear socks all the time (I despise being barefoot and if I don’t have my shoes on, I am definitely wearing my socks)… I do not wear sandals or flipflops and quite honestly the reason I prefer dress boots to dress shoes is because I can still wear socks with dress boots.

So how did my socks, which I would never remove in the living room in the basement, ever, get from my bedroom floor where I took them off as I climbed into bed get downstairs… let alone under the computer table? Lola doesn’t like stairs, she’s definitely not going up and down them in the dark during the night to bring my socks downstairs, that leaves Kelly. But Kelly even as a puppy did not show interest in socks, is she sneaking off with my dirty socks and putting them in the basement? Probably not, she loves J more than me, if she is stealing socks and hiding them, they would be J’s socks. Also, I would notice if my socks were going missing overnight. Since I work from home and I spend my day sitting Indian style on a couch, I don’t change my socks every day (I do take my shoes off for this, they sit on the floor between me and my work table where I can easily slip them on if I have to get up and walk away from my computer), I usually wear them 2 days and then change them and I throw my 2 day old socks in the hamper as I get new socks out and put them on my feet. I would notice a stash of missing socks.

My niece does like fun socks, like me… but she prefers ankle or no-see-um socks and I prefer longer socks (calf or knee is my preference), I have some cute dog socks that are ankles and I don’t wear them very often because they are ankle socks and it feels weird to have the top of my ankle exposed. Which brings us back to the question of the socks under the computer table in the basement. I haven’t examined them to see if they are in fact mine… but even if they are the niece’s it’s weird that they were under the computer table in the basement. Now. my niece would prefer to be barefoot. But she hasn’t spent a lot of nights here the last 2ish years. It definitely hasn’t been enough for her to have a collection of socks under our computer table.

And so, why were there “fun socks” collected under the computer table in the basement and where did they come from? Okay, back to work.

4 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Socks

  1. When one of our cats was about 5, she started hunting my husband’s dirty running socks, and our daughters nasty, smelly, foul soccer socks. When she wanted attention, she would go dig these out of the laundry and give a special cry as she was coming down the hallway with them in her mouth. Once she started, she did it for the rest of her life.

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