Stomach Bug & Work

September 5th, I suddenly felt off… I forced myself to eat some dinner, but afterwards I experienced a stomach ache. I haven’t eaten much since then and the one day I got adventurous (Saturday the 11th), I ended up regurgitating it later. I am frenetically trying to write replacement chapters for Competitive Dreams after losing the last 10 chapters of the novel. Last week, I was exceptionally tired and just felt blah all week without appetite. My appetite began to return Saturday, but it’s been hit and miss… meaning while I “feel better” I’m still having some issues with the stomach bug.

I know there’s a stomach bug going around, several people I know have had it over the last month. We even delayed my birthday dinner with friends in the middle of August a few days because our friends were battling it. I’ve found work hard this past week, between being tired and not keeping down most foods (I handle crackers pretty well), I find my attention wandering and I’ve had moments when I look at the book and think “?????”. Also, while I’m not having trouble taking in fluids and staying hydrated, sometimes I randomly get nauseated and just have to stop whatever I’m doing for a while.

I did contact my Angela at Covered Creatively last night to get a cover for Competitive Dreams and I’m working as fast as I can to fix the damaged part of the book. However, I admit this has sidetracked me a bit. However, I’m still aiming for a Halloween release for Competitive Dreams.

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