The Problem with automatic backups

In July, my laptop was knocked off my bed and the hard drive suffered damage. All the recent files I’d been working on were corrupted including Competitive Dreams. But I did not remember to turn off my automatic backup software and it backed up the damaged Competitive Dreams file. So, I did a file recovery to get the book and it said it was 90,000 words and I was like “awesome!” and sent it for the first round of editing.

Those edits were completed September 4th and since then… I have worked on rewriting the last 10 or chapters because apparently the recovered file was incomplete and I lost the last 10 chapters or roughly 20,000 words of Competitive Dreams.

I started doing automatic backups because I forget to backup consistently and after losing Avenging Reality in February of 2020… I decided I needed to do something about it. Losing Avenging Reality was a software problem, I upgraded the writing program I used and somehow futzed it up and didn’t have a good backup of it. Competitive was lost due to a hardware issue… Sometimes I wonder if all this technology is really making life better.

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