Gonna Stop Following the Directions

I woke up Tuesday congested, tired, and generally blah. I spent all morning wondering if I had a cold…

Then as I attempted to eat a bland lunch, it hit me…

The directions on Flonase says 2 squirts in each nostril until symptoms are under control then cut back to 1 spray in each nostril and a couple times a month since I started it, I have woken up sick.

Going through my migraine log, I can see it happens every time it rains… it can rain a little or a lot, but every time we have rain I wake up “sick.” And every time I have increased the Flonase until symptoms get back under control.

Do I need to follow this instruction? Chances of it killing me if I don’t do the “cut back once symptoms are under control” seem small…. What if I just keep using 2 sprays every night? It feels somewhat necessary because I seem to be allergic to rain (most likely it fungal and mold spores released after the rain that bothers me) but it does bother me.

3 thoughts on “Gonna Stop Following the Directions

  1. I guess I didn’t read the directions, but I just use two sprays. Occasionally my nose dries and starts to bleed a little, then I quit using it for a couple weeks.


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