Dogs and Medical “Athletic Wrap” (aka Medical Flex Tape)

Sunday night, we noticed Lola had a rather large chunk of skin missing from her foot (just above where her pad starts/stops) on the bottom of her foot. I talked to the vet Monday morning and she told me she’d do exactly what I had done; apply Neosporin and wrap her foot in medical “flex tape” this is a type of wrap that sticks to itself but not skin. She also suggested putting Lola in a cone if she wouldn’t leave it alone and of course, she won’t. It isn’t deep, just big, about the size of a nickel and when it isn’t covered Lola insists the best thing for it is her tongue.

If it isn’t significantly better by August 31st, she has an appointment with the vet. I am really hoping it’s better by then, but if not… We think it hurts her to go up and down stairs, because she’s been determined to come and go via the garage this week.

Convincing her she really needs to stop licking it has been a battle and we’ve resorted to putting children’s socks over the bandage to assist with preventing her from pulling the wrap off with her paw or with Kelly’s help. This has really slowed down my writing this week. And PS: Lola really hates socks.

On top of it, our insurance company finally got back with us on our camper damage from July 9th and they are certain they are just going to total it out. We have to go up and clean it out, so chances are that most of this week, I won’t get as much done as I’d like, but it needs to be done.

The book (a historical detective mystery) surpassed 40,000 words over the weekend. Competitive Dreams is with the first editor. Elysium & Mercurial Dreams audiobooks have released… I have been alerted that at least one person who downloaded it from Amazon UK had issues with Elysium Dreams not being complete. This appears to be a download issue, as the copies I listened to from and Scribd were complete. Meaning if you downloaded Elysium Dreams and found one or more chapters incomplete you’ll need to contact the distributor to sort out the download issue, because it’s not a publishing/narrator issue and I do not have control over the audiobooks or distribution.

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