One of those Weeks

I contacted a friend who is good with computers on Tuesday to let him know we would not be doing the scheduled updates in August due to my computer disaster. He and I exchanged a dozen messages and then he dropped a nuclear bomb on me “Basically the updates you intended to do will fix your computer.” What the f*ck!?

He told me this as I was setting up the replacement I just bought. What do you mean the upgrades I had planned for August will fix my computer? “Well, if the screen is just not plugged in properly and that’s what it sounds like to me, then replacing the original SSD hard drive, which is the damaged one, will get your computer back up and running once the screen is properly plugged in.”

So, if I buy a replacement SSD drive for $100… I will have 2 computers? Great, I spent $1,000 to replace my computer for no reason other than it will be 3 weeks before the other one gets fixed… Insert a string of creative swear words here…

I feel like an idiot… My consolation is that my laptop is 6 years old and it’s a good idea to have a backup…. I will now use the new computer for work and the old computer for gaming and fun.

It has sorta been one of those weeks.

5 thoughts on “One of those Weeks

  1. It HAS been one of those months/year? Miss you. Sorry I haven’t called. We have had a string of employee issues that would be comical in a book. IRL ? Not so much

    Looks like my son will have surgery soon. J Pouch after colon removal. Things have been bad. I sleep when I can Miss you Much love Chris

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