The Most Dreaded Weekend of the Year

I have been preparing for this weekend for about a month. I’ve needed to arrange my office to allow a twin size air mattress to be blown up and placed on the floor (next couch I buy for my office will be a sofa bed). I’ve put snacks for me and treats for Lola in there along with a can of dog food in case she gets really hungry. I can significantly deaden noise in my office, making it an ideal place for Lola to hang out when it storms or like this weekend when there will be a ton of fireworks.

Interestingly, we’ve had plenty of practice the last two weeks; it stormed 11 days out of the last 14… we’ve received more than 20 inches of rain in that time. This week it stormed every day except today, tomorrow, and Sunday… the days I would welcome more rainfall. Then again, even a mild sprinkle of rain at this point causes flooding where I live because we’ve had so much.

I am hoping by Monday to have Movement in the Shadows published (NN4). However, with the fireworks, it may take a few extra days. It turns out Lola enjoys the sound of Hugh Frazier’s voice (the actor) and for the last two weeks we have been working our way through all the Poirot audiobooks. In my office, I have an exhaust fan, as well as a box fan… I can turn both of those on and accompany it with an audiobook and soothe Lola even through the worst weather. Tonight and tomorrow night; we’ll test it all against the cacophony created by fireworks. As she’s gotten older, she’s become more skittish with loud noises. I’ve packed her anxiety rescue meds into my office as well.

And this afternoon, I will finish loading all the necessary things in my office for Lola and I to hunker down for the weekend. I really wish, her and Kelly would use a puppy pad. I’ve tried several times over the last year to convince them to use them…. and they refuse. They would rather hold it until their bladders explode. I have a package of them and I’ll put one down tonight, but I suspect Lola will sniff it and then glare at it with contempt as she’s done every time I’ve put one down. We take these precautions because panic can cause cardiac arrest in dogs.

And so, if you live in the US… I wish you a happy holiday! Remain safe and if you have a dog like Lola make sure to give them some extra snuggles this weekend.

One thought on “The Most Dreaded Weekend of the Year

  1. As a veteran I also do not look forward to the fourth of July. Its even worse this year with the drought and idiots that think their right to party matters more than forest fires and deaths. Good luck with your fur babies


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