Online League Darts

Jason has been playing league online for a few years now. But with the pandemic and quarantines and lockdowns, online darts grew in popularity. In May, we were told there would be an online Mixed Doubles league this summer if we wanted to play… online from my house reduces some of the problems I’ve had playing darts: finding a comfortable place to sit between rounds. Bar chairs just aren’t comfortable, but my living room is.

And so, we signed up. It started June 16th. I am the “least best” player in league… but at least I’m playing and I am having a great time. I did better this week than last week, I am slowly remembering how to throw… considering it’s been close to 4 years since I played league and 3 years since I played a tournament…. it’s a relearning process. Also, I never practiced much at home and playing from our basement has been an adjustment.

However, even though I am ranked #24 out of 24 players… our team is 2nd due to my partner (J). The most important part though, isn’t my ranking or our team ranking though. I am having fun! I forgot how much I enjoyed playing. I am so grateful our friend put together this online league or I probably wouldn’t be playing again.

In sad news, I think I’m going to have to get checked for carpal tunnel. This week, I have found typing like normal, makes my forearm hurt from wrist to elbow along with some tingling and numbness in my fingers and hand. Editing includes rewriting and rewording sentences and every day this week, I have spent the first 3 or 4 hours of the day editing Competitive Dreams and by lunch time, my forearm hurts and swells a bit and I end up wearing a brace for the next 3 or 4 hours… after being braced and not used for several hours it feels better until the next day.

This has really slowed down my editing. I am working to remove “passive sentences” as well as cut down on the number of “was”, “were”, “had”, etc in my writing as well as dealing with a timeline issue in Competitive Dreams. I intended to get through editing by July 1, but I had fallen behind due to a 4 day migraine earlier this month which caused me to miss 6 days of work (the day before it hit, I was rather unproductive) and I felt like crap the day after it departed.

Unfortunately, if this is carpal tunnel syndrome and not something related to the CRPS, I’m not sure what we are going to do about it. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves the median nerve and I think with a neurological disease surgery involving the sheath around the main nerve of my arm/hand is a truly terrible idea.

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