Tortured Dreams

The Tortured Dreams ebook should update for everyone soon. I uploaded the revised edition on 18 June to all retailers.

Beta readers should check tomorrow for the beta copy of Movement in the Shadows. You will have until July 2, 2021 to return suggested edits to me.

I have been significantly more productive since I stopped logging on to social media. It has also made me less accessible, which in some ways is a good thing. Shortly before I stopped getting on Facebook, I got a message about my lack of understanding of angels and how God is missing from the Nephilim Narratives. This is true, a modern day “god” does not exist in the series. Because like all my novels, the series is fiction and I have taken some creative licenses while writing them.

I continue to edit on Competitive Dreams which has a timeline issue. I am hoping to get Competitive Dreams (which will publish at Halloween) to the first editor in 2 weeks or less.

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