A Complaint

Yesterday was hot in Missouri. We went to the campground. It was the sort of hot that made sweat instantly begin to pour out of your skin and your clothes are damp within moments.

I didn’t know my glasses and sweat were incompatible. I sweated so much my nose is raw from where the glasses slipped down my nose and had to be pushed back into place repeatedly.

That never once happened with my sunglasses. I didn’t know chaffing due to my glasses would happen. I considered not wearing them today to give my nose time to heal, because there is a scabby sore on each side of the bridge where the skin wore off. But I can’t see shit without them.

Today, I am finding the spots annoying. I’ve noticed as I age I sweat more (both in quantity and frequency). Neither of these things were covered in 9th grade health class. I feel like it should have been, I mean these are things people should know and be prepared for… I’ve never been a “big” sweat producer, I can remember when I was a kid and even as a teen, I could be outside in 100 degree heat for hours and not even have damp hair when I went inside. Now that I’m 40 that has changed. Yesterday, even in the camper with air conditioning my hair grew damp and I’ve already mentioned the nose chaffing.

Sweating was like sunburns: things that happened to other people when I was young. Now that I’ve been on birth control for 30 years, I get sunburns. I sort of wondering if the gallons of sweat I now produce every summer is also medication related.

I have always been heat tolerant, more so than cold. Give me a 100 degree day over a 40 degree one anytime. But in the last 4 years, I have started noticing I get hot faster, have a harder time cooling down, and even get “heat sick” when I’m outside in the heat for long. Two years ago I realized the “heat sick” became worse if I took a pain pill while outside.

I know direct sunlight breaks me out in hives these days and I’ve been told it’s phototoxicity caused by birth control use (however hives are significantly less painful than ovarian cysts… so I will live with the hives and try to cover up better). I suspect the opiate I take to lower my nerve pain from CPRS is causing a decrease in my heat tolerance. Well, that and general aging.

But thinking back… my health class covered giving birth (scarred me for life to watch the video of a birth – thankfully, I already knew I didn’t want kids by then) and side effects of illegal drug use like Mush Mouth and extreme weight loss associated with stimulant use. But not once did my teacher say “after puberty, your hormones will continue to fluctuate sometimes drastic and erratic and sometimes gradually for and your body will continue to experience major changes as you age.” I believe that should have been an entire hour lecture: hormones & the rest of your life….

Okay now to work. I have to finish editing Competitive Dreams.

One thought on “A Complaint

  1. yes, it is amazing the things you are not told about aging! I was the same as in loving the heat when I was young and now I get nauseous and chills from being overheated. I think part of it is the changes with menopause (which suck).

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