I’m Not Dead

I’m not dead… I did think for a while I was going to be the first person to die as a direct result of seasonal allergies, but they are getting better. For several weeks, I was working only in the morning because by afternoon my sinus headache bordered on a migraine and I was sleeping the afternoons away. I started handwriting a book while going through the worst of this, because using my computer made the headache worsen faster.

I have finished writing Competitive Dreams and am editing it.

Spring was dreadful. My allergies were the worst I have ever experienced. I think I had a headache every day of March, April, and part of May. Now that the heat has begun and tree pollen dropped they are improving and I feel mostly human. As you can imagine; I feel way behind on everything and am busily trying to get caught up on stuff. I am hopeful I will be releasing NN4 in the near future. If not the end of June then first part of July. An announcement will be posted on here when I do finish.

Audiobooks for Elysium Dreams and Mercurial Dreams will release August 17th. The revised ebook and paperback of Tortured Dreams will release around June 23rd. For most platforms your ebook copy will automatically update. The revised edition of Tortured Dreams contains killer chapters that help illustrate the motivations of the killers. As well as removing some of the repetitiveness of the expositional chapters.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead

  1. Hi Hadena. I just wanted to thank you for the most awesome reads ever. I have ready Dreams and Reality (up to book 17) about three times now. I have just been able to purchase Buried Dreams, and once again, am not disappointed.
    Thank you once again for these enthralling stories.

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