Competitive Dreams Complete

I finished writing Competitive Dreams… I am now working on a self edit of the book, before sending it to the content editor. The serial killer club closed after the death of The Ghost Maker in Fortified Dreams.

In Competitive Dreams the club reopens with a new leader and in the words of Sherlock Holmes, the game is afoot. Mictlan the Collector administrator of the reformed club is in need of something and he hopes a competition between killers will help him find it. In his arrogance, he decides to host it in beautiful Kansas City. What better way to prove the SCTU is inept and incapable of reducing the serial killer population than to host it in the metro area where they live?

The ideal for this book came to me after solving a Deadbolt Mystery Box with my best friend titled Duel. In which a serial killer club in the fictitious city of Valley Falls holds a competition between two members to find out which of them is the better killer. The loser in that one gets captured by the Will Street Detective Agency (who you assist with most Deadbolt Boxes).

After solving it, I was like I have a defunct serial killer club in D&R…. I could reactivate it with a new leader and have a competition. That would make an awesome book. And so I did.

Competitive Dreams will release Halloween 2021. Deadbolt now ships internationally as well as in the US… I highly recommend it for a fun night with friends. Deadbolt mystery boxes served as my pandemic stress reliever. My best friend and I would open Zoom and solve a box whenever one of us needed a break from reality or just because we had one to solve.

We are currently waiting for an electrician to show up and tell us if the lack of hot water is a breaker box issue or if our hot water heater has gone bad (hence my being up this early). I didn’t realize things broke in groups of three in a house. So far in 2021 we’ve replaced our garage doors, now it will be either our breaker box or water heater (although we are pretty sure it’s the water heater) and in April we had to replace the elements in said water heater. Sunday it began kicking the breaker when it turned on… Tuesday it stopped turning on altogether. After the week we’ve had, I am really looking forward to solving a puzzle on Saturday morning.

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