Updates: NN4, Competitive Dreams, Etc

I have been really busy lately and so haven’t spent much time on the internet or social media. My allergies are still bothering me. The new meds have helped some, but not as much as I’d like. It turns out sinus headaches make me sleep more and I have been going to bed early nearly every night (early for me so between 10 and 11:30 pm), and napping nearly every afternoon. Thankfully, the allergy induced vertigo has decreased considerably since I started on the new allergy medications. But I’m still getting sinus headaches nearly every night when grass and tree pollen is moderate to high. They come on quicker when both are “very high.” However, I have lots of updates. My sinuses have been so bad, that aside from avoiding social media and the internet (where things tend to “scroll”), I have been avoiding my computer more and I am currently handwriting a book… I got some new fountain pens at the end of April (I love fountain pens, they write so smoothly), and decided since the computer is a problem, I am handwriting the book and transferring it to the computer as I complete chapters.

  • The audiobooks for Elysium Dreams and Mercurial Dreams will now release August 17, 2021. We are very sorry for the delays.
  • Nephilim Narratives 4: Movement in the Shadows is undergoing its second round of edits and I hope to release it towards the end of June.
  • Competitive Dreams the next D&R novel will go for the first round of edits next week. As of now, my intention is to release it at Halloween 2021.
  • I have fully plotted a standalone novel and will start writing it next week while I wait on the second round of edits to come back on NN4.
  • NN5 has been started.
  • The Dysfunctional Christmas is about to go through an intensive brain storming session and I hope to release it at Christmas 2021.
  • I am working to recreate the novella Shots Fired which I lost when my computer turned Triggered Reality into gobbledygook last year. Once I finish it, it will go through editing and be released by itself for $0.99.
  • Premium Content is moving to Patreon, I had hoped to get it up and running in June… but it’s going to be July or August. If WordPress continues to charge you for premium content, please contact them, as I have been unable to find a “help topic” that explains how to unsubscribe to a specific bloggers premium content.

The next update probably won’t be until I get the edits finished on NN4 and am ready to release it or until I get rid of more of my allergy symptoms this year as typing this short bit has made my eyes water and feel like they are full of sand while making my nightly sinus headache worse.

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