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It’s been a rough couple of weeks, we’ve had to have a plumber out to unclog our kitchen sink, our garage doors have issues and have to be replaced. We think that is going to be done in about two weeks. I can write okay, but editing still triggers vertigo making work on NN4 incredibly slowly. I was told unless the new allergy medications work, I’ll just have to ride it out until the tree pollen drops from incredibly high to moderate.

Interestingly, social media “moves” just like editing does and it too triggers vertigo, so I have not been online much either. As does being outside, so I think my vitamin D levels have dropped below their normal “high levels” because all of this together has left me dealing with a mild case of depression.

I don’t feel “low” very often, so when it does happen I’m never sure what to do about it. I’m forcing myself outside for at least a few hours every couple of days because I haven’t been “working outside” much which isn’t helping my mood. Usually my early May I’m working outside more than inside going into my office only on days the weather is too wet to work outside.

The ENT told me he didn’t think my allergies had gotten worse, it was the trees. He said tree pollen was higher this year than it had been in several decades and he’s seen a ton of people struggling with increased symptoms (both in number as well as intensity). Which basically sums me up. I am having more symptoms and they are more intense this year. I’d already switched from Flonase to Nasacort earlier in April, now I’ve traded out Zyrtec for Xyzal on the ENTs recommendation and I’m hoping in a few days some of my symptoms will be relieved with the replacement allergy medication.

If I’m really lucky (and I’m not feeling very lucky lately), the replacement allergy medication will calm down the vertigo enough for me to edit. Right now, I always have a touch of vertigo because of my allergies and so skipping from change to change or comment to comment makes it much worse and I have to go lay down to stop the world spinning.

So that’s what is going on in my world right now. I hope to have Competitive Dreams written completely by the end of next week at which point I’ll send it to be edited. Once I can work on the NN4 edits, I will get it to the second round of editors and then it will publish whenever they get it done.

One thought on “Life & Everything

  1. Try the Epley Maneuver. You can find it on youtube. Have someone help you. Read about it first. It may need to be done more than once. Remember afterward, do not look down for 12 hours.


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