A couple of people have asked me what True Crime Podcasts I listen to. I decided a blogpost with a list was the easiest way to answer this.

Podcasts I never Miss:

  • The Murder Squad
  • Crime Junkie
  • RedHanded
  • Affirmative Murder
  • Fruit Loops
  • Red Collar
  • Dark Arenas
  • Unraveled The Long Island Serial Killer (Billy Jensen & Alexis Linkletter)
  • The Forgotten

Podcasts I sometimes Listen To:

  • Medical Murders
  • Casefile
  • True Crime Garage (I love Nic, but sometimes his co-host annoys me and I have to turn off the episode before it finishes)
  • Park Predators
  • Hell & Gone
  • The Vanished
  • True Crime Chronicles

The podcasts on the first list, I have to do something other than write when I listen to them because I can’t concentrate on working while listening. The ones on the Sometimes list I can write while listening.

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