Dog Sweaters

Kelly refuses to go outside without a sweater when it’s cold (below 30F(-1C). We bought her a sweater and a lightweight jacket and I made her 2 sweaters. We got six or so inches of snow the other day and with her short legs the belly of the sweater has been dragging against the snow. This means when she comes in, we have to take off the sweater and set it somewhere to dry. Now, having stated the above we should have 3 sweaters for her to rotate through, but this is not the case.

Since I finished making both sweaters she has refused to wear the store bought sweater. When we try to put it on her she rolls over onto her back and refuses to cooperate. If we put it down and grab one of the other sweaters she’ll get up, stand and do what she can to get into the sweater. However, those 2 sweaters are starting to get a smell as they dry and get put back on her body… making me realize if winter continues much longer, I’m going to need to make her a couple of more. Thankfully, I can make one in 2 days. I suspect the sweaters I made are warmer which is why she prefers them.

I am hoping though that I am finally getting adjusted to my glasses. Writing this blog post has been much easier than any others. Which means I can probably get back to work next week for more than just an hour or so at a time… this is good because I am way behind where I expected to be at this point.

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