The Sweater & Dog DNA

This fall we bought Kelly a dog sweater, which she loved. When we took it off, we would hang it on a chair and she would go to the chair when she wanted it on. Unfortunately, she tore it up. Now around New Year’s there was a huge yarn sale on my favorite yarn line: Homespun by Lion and I bought multiple skeins because it was 40% off plus I had a coupon for 10% off the sale price.

I had projects in mind for the yarn and then I found this pattern: Poet Dog Sweater which uses Homespun and can be altered to fit any size dog. And so on the 17th of January I began making the sweater. I have learned a handful of things:

  1. I hate doing single crochet stitches over and over and over again, because they don’t add much height very fast.
  2. I think I need to DNA test Kelly. She is very peculiarly shaped. For some of the pattern I have needed to use the XL dog size stitches particularly around her neck and chest, but for the length (the area between covering from her neck to her hind legs), I have needed to use the small dog pattern.
  3. And then came the tapering for the neck… The pattern has it at 5 1/2 inches if I used the small dog, except Kelly doesn’t have 5 1/2 inches between her head and her front legs it’s more like 4 1/4 inches.

We know Kelly has either beagle or blue heeler in her and that she obviously has some border collie as well. But her chest is bigger around than Lola’s and it’s very stout. As a Collie/German Shepherd this is surprising especially since Lola is a larger dog than Kelly. Kelly is barrel chested without much neck, which makes me think those very obvious breeds obscure another breed: I am leaning towards pit bull because they are so popular right now, but it could also be mastiff, Rottweiler, or bulldog.

Now, I want to DNA test her to find out if I’m correct. It could also help the vet determine what weight she should be. Right now she is listed as slightly overweight and we are trying to cut back on how much she eats, but if I’m correct and she does have some stocky breed in her, then that could factor into her weight because I am never going to slim down the muscular stocky chest area. Now for a beagle or blue heeler she is overweight at 55 pounds.

We know she is a mutt, but if she’s a mutt that contains some large dog genes that cater to a stocky build, it is probable that 50-55 pounds is a good size for her. I know she’s supposed to be hourglass shaped like all dogs and she mostly is, but they still want her slimmer and I’m not sure it’s possible genetically. Especially since, her midsection where her “hourglass” shape should be noticed is exceptionally smaller than her chest. When I measured, her chest was 40 inches around, but her waist was only 21 inches.

And now back to the sweater making.

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