Buried Dreams & Publication Plans

Well, we’re getting closer to the release of Buried Dreams. I don’t have a “release day” in mind. Instead, I have a “release week”. I intend to release it between December 26 December 31, 2020. After I get the editing finished, I will upload it to all retailers and then announce it’s been uploaded.

Looking forward into 2021, I can give you some release date estimates. Nephilim Narratives 4 – Movement in the Shadows will release in March. Dreams & Reality – Innocent Dreams is slated for June. I’m hoping to get NN5 released in late September and Competitive Dreams will come out Halloween. If the stars align, Avenging Reality and The Dysfunctional Christmas will both release in December (my goal is The Dysfunctional Christmas at the beginning of December and Avenging Reality after Christmas).

I figure since Movement in the Shadows is written as is Innocent Dreams, this will give me most of the first half of 2021 to rewrite Avenging Reality, as well as write NN5, Competitive Dreams, and The Dysfunctional Christmas.

Also, as a reminder at some point in 2021 the first 3 D&R audiobooks will release, as well as the revised edition of Tortured Dreams and the first 3 Nephilim Narratives audiobooks. For the first year, they will only be available via Apple audiobooks, but after that they will enter full retailer circulation including library apps such as Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libby.

For D&R, the audiobook narrator’s gender will match that of the killer. This means Tortured Dreams will be read by a woman while Elysium & Mercurial will be read by men. We also think each book will have a different narrator. The Nephilim Narratives will be more “standard” with the same female narrator performing all of them.

I hope everyone in the US had a decent holiday, even if it wasn’t what we are all used to. Ours was much smaller this year and we missed the smiling faces of some of the nieces, nephews, and great nephews…. hopefully by this time next year, things are a little calmer.

2 thoughts on “Buried Dreams & Publication Plans

  1. Hi there.

    Going through emails.
    How’s Buried Dreams coming?
    Will I get to edit NN4?

    How is your quarantine going? I saw your Facebook updates. I hope you’re not getting any sicker and you don’t run out of milk!

    Cindy S


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