This is the third to last of my election posts. There is one tomorrow about “voter fraud” a follow up and one on Wednesday about the stuff that happened on Election Day. Political party based hypocrisy drives me crazy and in the last four years I have seen a lot of it. People will forgive their own political party anything and it makes me want to pull my hair out. So that’s what today’s Election Day post is about, because I want to get it off my chest.

A Trump supporter asked me once if I was worried about alienating readers who supported Trump. The answer is no. When I blogged about Benghazi, I wasn’t worried about alienating Obama’s supporters. This is the US and people are not supposed to base their fiction reading preferences on their political party affiliations and I find it strange that someone would… however, much to my surprise it does happen. By the way, those people that refuse to read fiction by liberals don’t have many reading options as writers tend to be liberal in their leanings. I think it’s because “artistic” types as well as college professors (which also tend to be more liberal in their leanings) rely on “free expression of self,” “free thinking,” and “being different.” While conservative leanings tend to discourage those things, especially “being different.”

I have mentioned in the past, I spent 8 years listening to people whine that President Obama was going to declare himself king and in the interest of The American Way of Life they needed to stockpile arms. I was never sure why they thought this, Obama didn’t joke about being a dictator nor did he vocalize his admiration for people like Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping both of whom were “democratically elected” and have gotten around their people to declare themselves ruler for a long time. Xi Jinping of China declared himself president for life after he was elected president and Putin in 2020 has ensured he remains president until 2036.

Since President Trump began campaigning in 2015 he has mentioned more than 200 times that he should be president for life. As an American every time he says this, I cringe. Worse as an American every time someone agrees with him, I die a little inside. I liked Obama for the most part, but had he declared himself ruler for life (regardless of the title he used), I would have been among those taking up arms to oust him.

I cannot even explain how I feel when someone I listened to for 8 years whine about Obama making himself a lifetime ruler would destroy the American way of life, then turns around and tells me it would be okay if Trump did it. No, it wouldn’t be. I don’t care what president is in office, if this happens we are officially beyond the point of no return and we can kiss the American Way of Life good bye and say hello to a fascist dictatorship. And I will never be “good with” that.

No patriotic American should be okay with a president saying he thinks presidential term limits should be removed nor should they be okay with our president praising President Xi Jinping of China declaring himself president for life. We are supposed to be a bastion for freedom, democracy, and the possibility of improving your life through hard work none of which happens under a dictator which is exactly what President Xi Jinping is now along with Vladimir Putin President of Russia who in 2020 managed to convince Russians he should remain president until 2036 effectively decimating what little democracy existed in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

And they absolutely should not support a president that tells his followers at rallies that if he’s elected a second time it will be proof the American public is ready for him to take over and lead them until he dies. Think about all the good Republicans that will never be able to advance if Trump declares himself president for life.

Furthermore, I seriously question anyone who says “I support our troops” but vote for Trump. In 2015 Trump claimed John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was a POW during Vietnam. It’s time we clarify something, John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured by the VietCong. John McCain was a war hero because he refused to go home. McCain’s entire platoon was captured and he was the son of a senator, his release was almost immediately arranged. But John McCain stayed a prisoner instead of going home, because he refused to leave his platoon behind. That is why John McCain is a war hero. For President Trump to call him a “loser” because he lost a presidential election and claim he isn’t a war hero is slanderous at best. Trump didn’t want to visit the war cemetery full of American soldiers from WWI while in France because it was raining despite the French President and the British Prime Minister visiting it. How can a president claim to support our troops but disparage the names of American Heroes and try to ignore them? When he got COVID he didn’t blame his rallies or the plethora of people coming in and out of the White House, he said he got it from an event full of war widows and children of slain soldiers. The man has dozens of aides and press people coming and going all the time, but he had to catch COVID from war widows and their children? He says he supports our troops but his actions don’t align with his words. As a woman who grew up with 8 uncles that served in the military and who then married into a family full of military veterans, I have a really hard time with Trump’s “support” of the troops. Secretary of State Clinton botched Benghazi and four Americans died and it was the only thing talked about for months (I think Clinton should have been removed as Secretary of State for her part in Benghazi), however our current President can say nasty things about war heroes, accuse war widows of giving him COVID, and not want to take part in a time honored tradition of visiting fallen US soldiers in France from WWI and he’s still “patriotic” in the eyes of his supporters. I just don’t get it.

If Obama had said McCain was a loser and not a hero, people would have been calling for him to hang for treason, but because Trump said it, “it’s fine and he’s probably right.” I don’t understand. And while we are on the subject of John McCain, I get accused of being a bleeding liberal and I admit I am more liberal than conservative in my leanings and I’ve been accused of disliking Trump simply because I’m not a Republican, this isn’t true. In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush (Al Gore struck me as a dishonest egomaniac) and in 2008 I voted for John McCain. In 2016, I voted for a Republican Governor for the State of Missouri which I got burned on when it was revealed Governor Greitens was keeping a mistress and had threatened to release naked pictures of her if she broke up with him. I do not dislike Trump because he’s a republican. I dislike Trump because I think he’s a snake oil salesman who does not have the best interests of Americans at heart, especially based on his track record of lying, cheating, and talking shit about American war heroes.

The point being, when Biden does something I find morally reprehensible I will speak out about it. I cannot abide by people who think X is bad only when committed by the opposite political party. If it is unacceptable for one president to declare himself ruler for life it should be unacceptable for all. And realistically saying something more than 200 times is not a bad joke, it’s “floating an idea” that you think is good and are trying to garner support for. Listening to people praise Trump for things they condemned Democrats for has curdled my stomach multiple times these last four years. It proves how deep our political biases run and it’s unpatriotic. The founding fathers wanted to keep politicians “honest” and they wanted dissent, if you disagree with the president you should speak out about it. The same is true of political parties. However, in the last four years every time I have voiced my dissent about President Trump people I don’t know have sought me out to tell me I should die. That isn’t patriotism, that’s a cult….

Now go vote!

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