Tortured Dreams Update

The edits to Tortured Dreams are taking me forever. You never realize how much stuff happens and is connected in a book, until you make changes. Twice I have made it more than three-quarters of the way through the book only to realize I now had to go back to the first quarter and read through it again to make sure the change I made in chapter 40 something hadn’t ruined the stuff that had happened in the previous chapters.

Having said that, it is worth it. I am loving this version of Tortured Dreams and wish I’d done it sooner. I have a feeling, I will actually want to sit down and read this version as well as listen to the audiobook, which means I might want to read the rest of the D&R series… something I’ve never done before.

For the record, I have changed more than half the book at this point as well as adding chapters. I think you guys will love it as well. The killer chapters have made a huge difference. You understand what is going on more, not just with them, but with everything.

However, the addition of killer chapters means that some major changes have had to be made to some of the regular chapters. At least 10 regular chapters were completely rewritten from start to finish by chapter 33 of the book. And I do love this version. The story is more complete and it just “feels” more coherent.

Okay, now I must return to work… there’s still lots to do!

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