Mystery Boxes

Back in April or May, I said my best friend and I were trying out mystery boxes. We’ve tried several types now including Deadbolt Mystery Society, Finders Seekers, CRAAAFT, The Murder Mystery Box, Sleuth Kings, and Hunt-A-Killer. Our favorites have been Deadbolt Mystery Society and Sleuth kings. We’ve enjoyed Deadbolt so much, that not only are we signed up for their monthly subscription, but occasionally we buy additional stand-alone boxes.

I think Deadbolt Subscription boxes eventually become stand-alone boxes, because I’m fairly certain Hacked was either June or July’s subscription box and it’s now available as a stand alone purchase. Deadbolt Mystery Society and Sleuth Kings have well thought out storylines as well as a variety of puzzles to solve.

The Murder Mystery Box had a good storyline, but it was more like reading an Encyclopedia Brown mystery than solving a puzzle box. Finders Seekers has a variety of puzzles but the storyline is weak. Same for the CRAAAFT puzzle. Hunt-a-killer has a good storyline, but it’s also more like Encyclopedia Brown for adults than Deadbolt or Sleuth Kings and as much as I love Encyclopedia Brown, I found Hunt-A-Killer tedious at times.

As an added bonus; Deadbolt Mystery Society has a “collector’s card” in each box. Now that we have solved eight Deadbolt Puzzles, we’ve decided that when we have enough we are going to make a collage out of the collector’s cards. For those interested, we have solved: Behind the Wall, A Dark & Stormy Night, Framed, Hacked, The Collector, Catch Me if You Can (the Collector Part 2), Duel, and The Ferryman (this was a freebie). We have 3 Deadbolt and 1 Finder’s Seekers in our possession that we still need to solve Finders Seekers Boston, The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame, The Circle, and The Pretender.

My best friend and I upload the puzzle boxes to a shared DropBox folder and solve them together over a Zoom meeting. On average we take about 3 hours to solve each box. So far the hardest has been Finder’s Seekers Hawaii because after checking the contents of the box, I discovered one item was missing and when I tried to contact Finder’s Seekers about it, I didn’t get a response.

I know some of you have asked about mystery puzzle boxes and these are my recommendations. The Deadbolt Link is actually my affiliate link. If you buy a box using that link, I’ll get points for it that I can use towards earning money off on my next box. Deadbolt is in fact my favorite, but Sleuth Kings deals with more variety of crimes. We’ve done two; one was an art heist and the other a murder mystery and we’ve enjoyed both immensely.

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